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OHV Best of 2021


2021 has been quite the year. We've built some unique and new vans, explored different van chassis platforms, and launched a revolutionary new product (With more products on the way). We've also continued to expand by adding a few more employees to the OHV crew as well as a few more dogs.


Ford Transit Belle Starr Build

Ford Transit Campervan from Off Highway Van

While we have a lot of experience with the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter platform, we're quickly becoming fans of the Ford Transit vans. This particular van was an AWD, Eco-Boost build that makes it capable and more fuel efficient in any situation. Expect to see a lot more OHV builds on the Ford Transit platform in the future.

Ford Transit Campervan from Off Highway Van


RAM ProMaster Bandito Build

ProMaster Campervan from Off Highway Van

We're certainly no strangers to the RAM ProMaster chassis. We offer a whole host of accessory parts for these vans, and their larger inside space allows for a build that's simple but very roomy. This particular Bandito build was a great palette of colors that made the van feel truly unique. Expect to see more custom builds on the ProMaster van chassis in the future from OHV.

Promaster Campervan from Off Highway Van


Custom Campervan Adventure Rig from Off Highway Van

This build has it all. When the weather turns south, bring the campfire-crew and your friends inside with multiple seating options and a rear bed that slides back, transforming into café style benches below. The rear pass-through garage makes it easier to bring all of your gear along for a true adventure, and the privacy of an indoor shower allows you a chance to rinse off after each expedition out into the wilderness. One of the most versatile and maximized uses of space in a van, expect to see more of these builds on either the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter or Ford Transit chassis in the future.

Shower inside a custom campervan from Off Highway Van


Virtual Reality

In an effort to bring our customers closer to realizing and imagining their dream adventure van, we've explored a unique 360-Degree camera technology to allow you to feel as if you were actually walking through it. Check out more of those views here, and expect to see more of these scans in 2022.


One of the more involved engineering projects here at Off Highway Van, was the release of our Limited-Slip Differential for Mercedes Sprinters (2007 and newer). This upgrade makes both 2WD and 4x4 Sprinters more capable in any condition, on or off-road at any speed without sacrificing fuel efficiency. Stock Sprinters come with an open differential which doesn't divert torque as needed. The OHV Limited-Slip Differential transfers traction to the tire that needs it instead of continuing to spin on a slick surface.

Limited-Slip Differential for Sprinter Van from Off Highway Van

Different from rock-crawling applications where pure differential lockers work only in low-speed off-road situations, or require expensive air compressor setups to activate, the OHV Limited-Slip Differential is constantly working. Whether you’re in technical overlanding situations, cruising on the highway, or traveling up snowy roads to the ski resort, you can rely on having ample traction and reliability.


Overall - 2021 has been an busy and fun year here at OHV. We look forward to more van builds, more fun with our customers, more events where you'll see OHV, and more products available to help make your adventure van better and capable of exploring the wilderness.


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