OHV Limited Slip Differential

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Check out this demonstration of how a limited-slip differential works, made by our partners at Wavetrac!

Is your custom van ready for all-terrain?

Simply put, a limited-slip differential transfers power to the wheel with the most traction when you need it. As a vehicle travels straight, equal power is delivered to the rear wheels, but if one wheel starts spinning due to things like snow, mud, or ice, the limited-slip differential automatically diverts greater torque to the wheel with more traction.


This can save you from a slippery situation, and possibly eternal embarrassment from your ski buddies forever reminding you about that time you couldn't pull out of the resort parking lot.



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The Off Highway Van Limited Slip Differential 

Mercedes Sprinters are exceptional vehicles for van conversions and they are growing in popularity. As more adventurers and travel enthusiasts test the limits of Sprinter vans they are discovering that many of the stock parts are not made for the type of terrain that their adventures require. And when it comes to creating optimal traction, the differentials are simply not built to endure extreme terrain or harsh weather conditions. Sprinter factory parts are designed to stay on the pavement. The fact is, tougher terrain requires tougher parts that are built for the job. The OHV limited-slip differential optimizes torque to produce efficient and dependable traction.


Many vehicles are equipped with a limited-slip differential, such as large work trucks, but not Mercedes Sprinters. In fact, most vans do not come with this feature which means that on slick surfaces, there is nothing telling the differential to transfer the necessary torque, so the wheel with the least traction will just spin in place. And while many come with 4WD, in order to turn it on, you have to stop. A limited-slip differential automatically kicks in when it's needed. Since many Sprinter owners are preparing their vans for all-terrain, OHV has carefully designed its own custom limited-slip differential to reduce driver’s risk of getting stuck in snow or mud and broaden their range of travel possibilities.


Protect Your Ride

If you were hiking, you wouldn’t hit the trail without the proper footwear, so why treat your custom van any different? If you are buying a Sprinter with the intention of taking it off-road, exploring the wilderness, or have any chance of driving over slippery or snowy terrain, the OHV limited-slip differential is a must-have. In addition to our unique lineup of other off-road parts, the OHV limited-slip differential gives you the assurance and peace of mind that your vehicle can handle more challenging road conditions. 


Still have questions? Check out our video above (from our partners at Wavetrac), the FAQ below, or feel free to give us a call.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does installation void my vans factory warranty?

Yes and no. Depending on the problem, some dealiships will be more lenient that others. It is not absolute.

Does it change the ride quality?

Haven't we told you already?! The limited-slip differential will enhance your off-road capabilities. The only other difference in ride quality may be minor sounds from parts functioning in the differential housing.

Is there any additional maintenance?


Can I have it installed locally rather than driving out to Utah to have it installed by Off Highway Van?

At this time, Off Highway Van is the only shop capable of doing a professional install. We know it can be a big time commitment to travel to our shop but we are doing our best to make this installation available in other locations. Until then, come see us, we are a lot cooler in person.

Is the OHV Limiteed Slip Differential compatible with all vans?

No. This part is compatible with the MB Sprinter 2007-2021 NCV3 and VS30. Not compatible with the 3500 DRW.

What if my van already has 4WD?

Limited slip differentials are made to compliment 4WD. Both work in tandem. 2 wheels driving vs. 3 wheels driving.