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Traction Boost Limited Slip Differential

Price: $5000 (Does Not Include Install)
Compatibility: MB Sprinters 2007+, RWD, AWD, and 4x4

Avoid a slippery situation.

Introducing the OHV Limited-Slip Differential for 2WD, AWD, and 4x4 Mercedes Sprinters (2007 and newer). Make your Revel, Storyteller, or Sprinter van more capable in any condition, on or off-road at any speed without sacrificing fuel efficiency.

The OHV Traction Boost LSD can save you from a slippery situation, and possibly eternal embarrassment from your ski buddies forever reminding you about that time you couldn't pull out of the resort parking lot. See how it works: watch the video ---------->>


Different from rock-crawling applications that require more pure differential lockers, or require expensive air compressor setups to activate, the OHV Limited-Slip Differential is constantly working, and in a wider variety of situations. Whether you’re in technical overlanding situations, cruising on the highway, or traveling up snowy roads to the ski resort, you can rely on having ample traction, reliability, and ultimately more safety.


OHV is a team of problem solvers, and when we quickly learned the limitations of the 4x4 Mercedes Sprinter, we got to work on how to make it more capable.

Focusing on eliminating wheel slip, our engineering team worked with WaveTrac Differentials. Their patented wave design places wave profiles on one side gear and it’s mating preload hub. As the two side gears rotate relative to each other, each wave profile climbs the other, causing them to move apart. When this happens very quickly, it creates enough internal load within the unit to reduce wheel spin. Torque is transmitted to the wheel that has traction to keep power down and propel the vehicle through sand, gravel, snow, or ice. This keeps you from getting stuck before you get stuck. Made from 9310 alloy steel gears in a case hardened billet steel body and using ARP fasteners - the entire unit is maintenance free and comes with a Limited Lifetime Warranty. All of this translates into a true adventure van that can get you further down the trail or up the mountain with more confidence and safety.   Mercedes Sprinters are exceptional vehicles for van conversions and they are growing in popularity. As more adventurers and travel enthusiasts test the limits of Sprinter vans they are discovering that many of the stock parts are not made for the type of terrain that their adventures require. And when it comes to creating optimal traction, the differentials are simply not built to endure extreme terrain or harsh weather conditions. Sprinter factory parts are designed to stay on the pavement. The OHV limited-slip differential optimizes torque to produce efficient and dependable traction on pavement that's covered with ice, snow - or even off pavement situations that are more unpredictable.   Many vehicles are equipped with a limited-slip differential, such as large work trucks, but not Mercedes Sprinters. In fact, most vans do not come with this feature which means that on slick surfaces, there is nothing telling the differential to transfer the necessary torque, so the wheel with the least traction will just spin in place. And while many come with 4WD, in order to turn it on, you have to stop. A limited-slip differential automatically kicks in when it's needed, without any additional switches or tools needed. Since many Sprinter owners are preparing their vans for all-terrain, OHV has carefully designed its own custom limited-slip differential to reduce driver’s risk of getting stuck in snow or mud and broaden their range of travel possibilities. This is the true X30 option code you intended for with your Sprinter 4x4 van - one we've dubbed the OHV-X30 Off-Road package.

 Don't just take our word for it: 
Take theirs.

Visit a certified installer.

We've vetted some of the best 4x4 shops in the business to make sure your Sprinter can take you Off Road & Off Grid with peace-of-mind that your installation was done by a professional. 

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Santa Rosa, CA

Van Compatibility.

  • Recommended for for 2WD, AWD, and 4x4 Mercedes Sprinters (2007 and newer - NCV3 and VS30). Not compatible with the 3500 DRW (Dually).

  • Utilizes the 3.92 and 4.18 Factory Gearing  (No reflashing of the Mercedes Computer needed, thus no voiding of the factory warranty). No swapping of gear ratios is possible due to Mercedes-Benz warranty and possible computer or driveline damage potential.


  • Deposit - $2,000 - Collected at the time of appointment scheduling/booking (1 Week Required for Installation) 

  • Complete Price: $5000 ($7000 Complete Price with Installation) 

    • Includes the LSD unit, New Mercedes OEM Differential Bearings, New Mercedes OEM Pinion Bearing and Seals, New Mercedes OEM Outer Axle Housing Seals, New Mercedes OEM Ring Gear and Pinion, ARP Bolt Hardware, New OEM Differential Fluid. 

  • Does the lift kit change the ride quality?
    The van should drive relatively the same. After installation the van is a few inches taller so it is more prone to swaying which is why SumoSprings are recommended to help stiffen the suspension and depending on the van a rear sway bar can also help improve the ride. Also after the installation because adjustments are made to the motors subframe the motor mounts are adjusted, as a result you may notice a slight vibration in the steering wheel while stopped or while in reverse. This vibration is not causing any damage, you are just feeling the natural vibration through the motor mount because it is slightly tighter than before so it does not dampen the vibration as effectively.
  • Is there any maintenance?
    No, though due to the RAM ProMaster having weaker front axles we recommend that each time you get your tires rotated or an oil change to have the servicer check the CV boots on the front axles to verify they are in good condition with no tears or leaking.
  • Can I have the kit installed locally rather than driving out to Utah to have it installed by Off Highway Van?
    The crew at Off Highway Van enjoy meeting all those who bring their vans in to have the kit installed they understand that the distance or time commitment just doesn't work for some customers. That being the case suspension shops all over the nation have installed the lift kit with no problem, OHV is happy to provide a copy of the instructions to your shop of choice so they can review it first and then let you know if they are comfortable doing the installation assuming you are comfortable having them do the installation for you.
  • I have installed lift kits before, can I install this lift kit as well?"
    We do not recommend that the customer do the lift kit installation themselves. This lift kit does include adjustments to the engine subframe and OHV does not want a customer get stuck in the driveway because they didn't have the right tools, equipment, or experience.
  • Can I go rock crawling after I get the OHV lift and all terrain tires installed?
    Yes, as long as you use a different vehicle.
  • Can OHV also perform any other modifications to my ProMaster?
    No. We only perform installations on OHV approved parts and products within our current product line offering.
  • Can OHV Intall Customer Provided Products?
    No. OHV will only install OHV approved parts and products as we fully understand how they work on the vehicle, and integrate with other parts of the vehicle. This includes wheels and tires.
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