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Off Highway Van High Plains Drifter Camper Van


Off Highway Van Gear Hauling
Off Highway Van Off Road Capable

Customizable Colors 

6 Week Build - Get Rolling Right Away

Designed to Haul Your Adventure Gear

2-3 People

Off-Road and Off-Grid Capable

Indoor Shower

The High Plains Drifter is our extended wheelbase van buildout floor plan for those who enjoy hosting and providing, while also acknowledging their own personal creature comfort preferences. Suitable for either the Mercedes Benz Sprinter 170”, this build features very modular seating and sleeping options, as well as an internal shower.

One of our more unique van conversion floorplans, this style almost feels like the camper has separate rooms or different areas to hang-out. It's easy enough for one camper to take a nap in the back or relax from a day of adventuring completely undisturbed - while the other catches up on work in the front hang-out area, or makes a quick snack in the kitchen. 


When the weather turns south, bring the campfire-crew and your friends inside with multiple seating options and a rear bed that flips back, transforming into café style benches below. The rear pass-through garage makes it easier to bring all of your gear along for a true adventure, and the privacy of an indoor shower allows you a chance to rinse off after each expedition out into the wilderness.

Long excursions out on the road or boondocking for multiple weeks on end in the desert are totally possible with this van conversion layout. Featuring a shower, plenty of seating, lots of battery power, and still plenty of storage - it's all of the RV amenities without the stress of RV limitations on off-road trails. 


Gallery photos may reflect upgrades to initial core build package


Camper Van Ready

• Aluminum/Composites Wall and Ceiling Panels
• Insulation Package (Synthetic Thermal Barrier, Foil backed close cell foam
thermal barrier, Butyl sound deadener)
• 3/4” Marine Grade Wood Subfloor
• Vinyl Marine Grade Insulated Flooring
• Roof Mounted Fan
• Rixen Air Heater
• Side Bump Outs for more sleeping space

Save the plywood and particle board for your house renovation - 

Get started on a real, quality camper van build.

Off Highway Van High Plains Drifter Camper Van Engineering Render
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