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We Create Vehicles and Products for Wilderness Exploration.

Vans and Products for Doers.
Because we are doers, since 2016.

We make dreams come true for those looking to get themselves and their loved ones out into the remote places of the world in a campervan. 

We lean on our own outdoor experiences here in Salt Lake City, Utah as bikers, runners, hikers, skiers, boarders, moto-riders, kayakers, and overall outdoor enthusiasts to make useful products that focus on function.

Our adventure vehicle modifications are verified through engineering and precise production, but also felt out in the wild. The products we engineer, create, and produce for the Sprinter and Promaster directly enable a better camping experience in your van. 


100 Vans and Beyond. 

With over 100 campervans built - we've established ourselves as thought leaders in the industry. Our team of engineers, builders, planners, and problem solvers can take your adventure van plans and make them a reality. Our customers are passionate about their outdoor recreation. Their campervan serves as a portable base-camp to get them out into the places they want to go. We know their names, and we're committed to them long-term. We're excited to play and learn alongside our customers. We're real people, doing real things, and we're here to empower you to explore your passions. 


Check out our facility

Take a virtual tour of our facility and see some of our products, as well as a few built out camper vans that are converted for true adventure. 

Virtual Tour

Materials Matter

When we first started building out camper vans in 2016, we leaned heavily upon our motorsports background and experience. These lessons learned are core and fundamental to any Off Highway Van. The combo of lightweight materials, high quality construction, and highly engineered systems all come together to give you a durable camper van that can withstand the rigors of off-road trails and all of your adventures that bring dirt and wear inside the van too. With over 150 vans built so far - we’ve also worked through layouts and floor plans that truly make sense for the outdoor enthusiast. Functional galleys, hang-out areas, and plenty of garage space for all of your gear are essential to any OHV. Utilizing Aluminum, composites, and other lightweight materials - we are able to reduce the overall stress on the vehicle, while maximizing interior space and improving the overall durability of the camper van. Save the plywood, particle board and MDF for your house renovation. 


Work at OHV.

We're always looking for motivated and qualified candidates to help grow our business right here in Salt Lake City, Utah. Take a look below to see if we have any available openings. 

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