An adventurous team bred in Utah. 

Aaron Pfadt

Ownership, Engineering, R&D, Production

Some reports of Aaron's birth say it took place in a vehicle traveling over 100mph during a high speed test at a manufacturer's proving grounds. Others indicate it was actually on a dirtbike headed "out west" to seek adventure, defying physics as we know it. While none can be confirmed, we're certain of one thing: He's had a love for things with wheels since day-one. Aaron grew up and soon took his engineering degree to work for GM, Chrysler, and then on to form his own sportscar race engineering company. 

Not content with a "good enough" corporate gig, like a lot of us he wanted to combine personal and professional passions, and did so by founding OHV back in 2016. Enabling high-quality adventure for others has been his passion ever since, that is, when he's not high-tailing it off to race his moto in search of the perfect trail.

Some other fun facts to discuss when you meet him:


  • He's a Professional Amateur Motorcycle Racer

  • Full time camping enthusiast

  • Part time engineer/CAD jockey

  • He's a degreed connoisseur of brown liquors, and brown dogs


Our team.


Seth Riddle

Ownership, Supply Chain, Sales, Marketing

If there were a poster-child for the state of Utah, it would be Seth. He was born here, grew up here, educated here, adventures here, and is now raising a family here. Some unconfirmed reports have stated he was once offered the governor's position, but politely declined it due to a conflict he had that weekend camping in Zion National Park. At any rate, his business acumen flourished after a background in composites manufacturing, finance, and sales.


It all came together when he started building vans to get other people outside and enjoying Utah just like him and his family. Never one to be close-minded, he eventually started creating adventure vans for people outside of Utah admitting that they, too, should have the opportunity to visit Utah someday in the best way possible: via OHV Sprinter or ProMaster. 

When you meet Seth, we promise he'll talk to you about things other than Utah. Here's some ice-breakers to get the ball rolling:

  • He has 3 girls, and takes them camping and hiking regularly

  • A main goal of his is to hike the highest peak in every state, even non-Utah states 

  • His favorite backpacking locations are Union Falls in Yellowstone National Park, the Narrows in Zion National Park, and Red Castle in Uinta National Forest

  • He served in the Marines Reserves as an infantryman 

  • His Bachelor of Science degree is in Business Management with an emphasis on Supply Chain