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I have owned 2 Winnebago Revels prior-2018/2020. Enjoyed them, but unimpressed with quality of build. Always wanted a custom van. Approached OHV after recommendation( live within 15 min). Very impressed, moved forward with a Davey Jackson build. Dealt with Ben/ Ray. Very responsive/ professional. My wife wanted more space , went with Sprinter 170. Our first trip was crossing country to VT. She is so pleased with layout/ space. I am impressed with engineering/ thought/ craftsmanship that went into build. Give them a call


OHV built my Sprinter 4WD van almost 3 years ago. I've logged 37K miles- at least 3K off highway. The build is solid but I've gone back to OHV for upgrades including suspension and limited slip differential both of which I highly recommend. When I've had problems, OHV was helpful on the phone and even sent a tech from Salt Lake to my home in Santa Fe, NM


We dove into the 4x4 camper van space about 2 years ago after an extensive search of builders across the country. The crew at OHV was, and continues to be, absolutely exceptional through our build and ownership experience. We specifically sought them out for their unique experience and expertise with laser cut+bent aluminum cabinets and interior structures as well as a super simple approach to the design, build and assembly. We were looking for a lightweight, comfortable, quiet, space efficient, super simple build that would thrive in rough outdoor environments year round with the fewest amount of things that would have a chance at failing or showing wear and tear. OHV's approach to design and materials with interior structures intentionally opens up storage space inside the van in an ultra light, clean, durable way compared to other builders who use heavy wood and composite materials. Our OHV Doc Holliday van is overall much lighter (can bring more people and gear and go further off the grid), has noticeably more accessible storage, is more durable inside and is super simple to interact with compared to all the other vans we explored. All of that translates to a more comfortable and quiet driving experience and a fantastic overall ownership experience. Additionally, OHV designs extremely easy access to every part of the van for regular service/maintenance which has come in handy over the last few years. If you're looking for an incredible van build and experience that is super simple, light, comfortable, durable and extremely capable....and you don't want heavy wood everything cabinetry and big LCD screens to control everything, OHV is worth checking out. For us, OHV and their van build has been life changing for our family in the most incredible unexpected ways and we'd absolutely recommend connecting with them to learn more!


Getting our van conversion at Off Highway Vans was one of the best decisions we have ever made. The people: Everyone at OHV was a joy to work with. Their only concern was that we got exactly what we wanted. At no point did we feel pressured. Nothing will make me walk away faster than a hard sell, and there was none of that here. We were guided through the process from design to delivery by a team of professionals. The office was a very relaxed atmosphere. The dogs: Woof woof. Good boy. The process: We went in with a general idea of what we were looking for. The staff worked with us to help clarify our needs. If there was any question, we went to the shop floor to look at works in progress to see how it looked in person. We changed some of our requirements once we were able to see it in person. This allowed us to get a floorplan that fit us exactly. They were flexible and patient as we worked through designing our dream van. Once we had the design ready, they kept us appraised of the progress through the build. Any delays (mainly supply chain issues) were communicated quickly. At delivery they spent a great deal of time patiently explaining how everything worked, and patiently answered our followup questions over the subsequent weeks as we were learning. Any (very few) minor issues were quickly dealt with. The van: What can I say? We just got back from a 4,500 mile shakedown trip and it performed flawlessly. From desert sands to mountain snow, we were snug and comfortable. The van handled like a dream through mountain roads, wind, rain, and snow. At no point did we feel like we were overloaded. Overall, the only thing we would do differently is to do it sooner and not wait so long to decide. -- Dan B.


My experience with OHV was one the best experiences in my life. The staff is friendly, professional, and knowledgable of there product offerings. The finishes they offer are unique, and frankly cool. The quality of the build is perfection. Just an incredible experience on all areas. thank you, thank you!



We LOVE this company!! We researched so many companies for years, trying to find the perfect fit for us. We read and read but still had so many questions. Many companies we contacted wouldn't take the time to discuss anything with us unless we had a build deposit with them, but Off Highway Van responded immediately. They answered all of our questions, some of them multiple times, to make sure we felt comfortable and understood to our satisfaction. Off Highway Van worked really hard to help us locate a van during a time when vans were almost impossible to buy!! They walked us through the entire process of deciding on the perfect layout, which, for us, was the Doc Holliday because we have grandkids and dogs to haul around 😊 They kept us updated every single step of the way, even sending pictures of progress. This team is truly something special when it comes to customer service! Their attention to detail, patience, care, and concern that you are informed and happy is truly unmatched in our experience. You will be so pleased if you work with Off Highway Van. I know they will have a special place in our hearts forever!!


Purchased a Campervan recently from OHV, and couldn't be more pleased. The attention to detail in the camper is high quality and shows the expertise of craftsmanship. I have no complaints after 6+ nights in the van. Thats also reflected by the purchasing experience and I expect their commitment to support is exceptional as well. Ben at OHV treated us like we were a VIP customer, and me and my daughter had a fantastic experience. Thanks to all the OHV team. -- Adam S.


I couldn't be more pleased with OHV. They built our dream van! They were patient with me as I waffled on decisions. They helped me figure out what I needed and what was right for us, based on how we would use our van. The build quality is phenomenal. I am impressed with their well-engineered solutions to make vans perform better and be more usable. The customer service is great. They have even returned my calls after hours or on weekends to trouble-shoot little questions or issues. Obviously, an adventure rig is a big investment, but I am so glad we chose OHV to build our van. It is everything we wanted and nothing we didn't. I would not hesitate to recommend OHV to family and friends. -- Chris W.


Great to work with, very clear and creative on options and implementations. Their experience and knowledge about upfitting vans really shows through. Highly recommend! -- Chad C.


My experience with OHV far exceeded my expectations. I was so impressed right from the beginning. Aaron, Russell, Ray, and everyone working there was so down to earth. They walk the walk and talk the talk. They listened to me and helped me design the perfect van. My phone calls and questions were answered promptly. Their warehouse is impressive. When you see the attention to detail and all the effort they put in to converting these vans, you really appreciate the end product. I couldn’t be happier! They are a great group of people to work with. They stand proudly by their product. Thanks OHV-job we’ll done. I would highly recommend them to anyone. -- Melana W.



I had a prolonged “planning “ stage with OHV as my 2019 4x4 took over a year to get the base cargo van from Mercedes. The team at OHV were great at talking me through all the planning and totally helped me troubleshoot my dealings with MB. They were flexible and when my van finally arrived they jumped on it and over delivered. Of course there were a few minor bumps (as in any process), but the team at OHV worked hard to make me happy. I am really picky and even a little OCD and they rocked my van. It is gorgeous and performs. I live in the SLC area so it is nice that they are local, but their design and delivery is top notch I would consider using them even if I lived elsewhere. Five stars!!⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


Very positive experience all around. Great enough that I've never done a public write up, but on Off Highway Van (OHV) it's worth sharing one. The quick take: is if your unsure and can't decide b/c nowadays there are so many upfitters its hard to choose with confidence, I can only share my experience, which which was one of high satisfaction, fair value and a game changer to our life since. Btw, I'm not embellishing, ask around, when you get your van, it will be a game changer for you as its been for so many others. The long take: there are a lot of choices out there. And it is indeed a lot of money, it can be overwhelming, and the tradeoffs for choosing how to build out a van are complex. I'm sure you are going through the same thing if you are reading this. I chose OHV after doing a pretty extensive market comparison across a host of upfitters in all the western states (10 companies made the final spreadsheet after filtering). It came down a couple things. (1) OHV offered a nice balance between a tried and true experience-based templates plus real opportunity for customization (we customized our ceiling and they were full game to dive in with us on this!). Other upfitters I found were either too rigid to their exact template, or the customization path simply blew the lid on budget and also left us too unsure of whether what we were choosing wouldn't actually come back to bite us. We are extremely pleased with what we ended up with, (2) OHV matched excellent product value with an equally fair value you, I know nothing is worse than forking out a lot of coin and feeling you are overpaid for value, we all have felt that, that's the worst on something that feels close to home and we have spent hours pining on. I can say, with my van I think "I love this thing!!", (3) they said they could deliver a van build that was within our timeline desires and wasn't a year or more out. I don't know what its like now with the van boom, but they were smoothly efficient and executed on target. Give mad props to OHV for working hard to keep timelines realistic for people, (4) everyone I talked to before I committed had positive feedback, and from day one on my call with Seth (and then Aaron too), he went out of his way to make me feel like OHV would deliver a great product and experience, to which they did. I have to say, some other companies made us feel like we were dispensable, just another van in the cue, but OHV made us feel like we getting personal real thoughtful attention, like they wanted us to be there, (5) and like the name implies, I wanted a group I could trust to deliver a van that could actually handle off road (it does). The strongest reason I feel compelled to write this review is the way OHV has taken care of us since receiving the van. I want to be transparent here, give some reality. I'm not sure Mercedes builds with intentions to do what we do to them, and I have put our van through some abuse. Early on, we hit took a huge hole/bump across a river that torqued the van real good and it popped out the bed and knocked loose a light wire. After a week where the bed might wiggle out on a bump and the lights would flicker, I called OHV, and within the day we formulated a plan and in days they had one of their ace builders out here in my driveway fixing it. No joke, from SLC to Portland, no questions asked. Not only did they fix the bed and the loose wire (neither has had a problem since even with me not holding back on going off road b/c hey, they at OHV don't' want us to hold back, they want to build their stuff so it works when we go OHV), within those few days, they innovated and upgraded their bed design based on the feedback and brought out that new design asap. The peace of mind knowing that OHV will back their claims was, is, and continues to be massive; worth every penny. Overall - you can probably tell, its my highest recommendation for OHV. Creative group doing great work, with honesty and integrity. I couldn't be happier with my van, and happier supporting the OHV brand.


For those looking to have their van professionally converted, look no further. Off Highway Van completed our 144” 4x4 MB Sprinter, Sundance Kid model, and we could not be happier. One of the options we added was the 4-seasons package. Wow, winter trips here in CO plus others to OR, ID and UT were fantastic. From the Owner through the entire OHV team, great individuals, exceptional service and build quality second to none. Thank you OHV!

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