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50,000 Miles in 15 Months! The Off Highway Van Effect

Recently, we got the opportunity to sit down with Brian McCue, a new Off Highway Van owner and movie industry worker, who has put over 50,000 miles on his OHV camper van in just over 15 months. We always say you'll use your van more than you think, and Brian may have set the standard.

Though our vans are typically used to get rowdy offroad, many owners, like Brian, have found ways to use their Off Highway Vans nearly every day for one thing or another.

How Brian Uses His Camper Van

Brian has been using his van for just about everything since he bought it from taking his dog to state parks, to setting up remote operations for his film business, and even using his van as a mobile command station to check the weather, prepare for film shoots and more.

Inside Brian's Davey Jackson Camper Van

The Benefits of Owning An Adventure Van

When Brian initially purchased his Off Highway Van he was looking for more freedom and the ability to be more creative while working in the film industry. With his new van, he is able to stay on set longer, doesn't have to worry about trailers and still has a fantastic place to work with the standing desk in his van.

Designing an Off Highway Van

So... Why Off Highway Van?

After touring multiple van build facilities across the U.S., Brian had some very specific reasons that he chose Off Highway Van for his van build.

"OHV was the most professional, ready-to-go, sit down, let's design right off the bat as opposed to everyone else."

Brian also had a lot to say about the build process as a whole calling out the communication he received throughout his OHV build like:

"Weekly check-ins, updates, Google Drive updates with pictures on progress. Anything that was going slightly off-track because of new inventions was immediately told to me so we could have a sit down conversation. We could really work through the process and figure out the best way to do it, cost effectively, in the most efficient way."
Davey Jackson Camper Van

Brian's Van Build: The Davey Jackson

When Brian built his adventure van with Off Highway Van, he started out with our Davey Jackson 144 floorplan and customized it to fit his needs as a film industry worker. When he was looking for his new van, Brian needed an internal shower and a standing desk setup that could support dual monitors and a radar system.

Davey Jackson Camper Van Interior

Brian opted for the more agile, slightly shorter version of the Davey Jackson with the 144 floorplan. This gave him more parking options as well as a city-friendly, stealth build that could serve his multi-purpose needs.

The OHV Experience: Customer Service

Brian goes on to explain that not only did OHV build him a van but they have stood behind their work as well.

Lifetime OHV Warranty

We have flown techs out to Brian twice to complete warranty work, thanks to our lifetime craftsmanship warranty and 5 year bumper-to bumper warranty. Even in another state, in a remote location, we'll come to you to solve any issues your van may experience.

His Best Adventure So Far?

When asked what his best adventure so far has been with his Off Highway Van, Brian recounts his time spent through 2 different blizzards at 10,500 feet in the Northeast Los Alamos on a film set.

OHV Adventure Van

Thanks to an LSD (Limited Slip Differential) from Dark Star Offroad combined with the AWD capability of the Sprinter chassis, even in the blizzards, Brian has never been stuck in his van. Compared to the other vans on set that sliding around or buried in the snow immobile, Brian was still able to drive his van confidently even in the icy, snowy conditions.

144 vs 170 floorplan

The 144 vs 170 Van Dilemma

One of the major decisions every new van owner will need to make to start their van conversion is the size of the van. Is bigger better? Agility over size? In Brian's case, he does point out a couple of times he wishes he would have built the 170 option instead and had the extra 3 feet of length in the build. But at the same time, when he's using his van in the city, he's glad he chose the 144.

Thinking About A Van Build? Here's His Advice

If you've been considering building your own offroad camper van, Brian suggests stopping in to see the models for yourself, spend time in the van, and determine your use case ahead of time to avoid buyer's remorse. He says you need to differentiate how you will use the van to truly know which floorplan is right for you. Are you going to be a weekend warrior, a digital nomad, or a daily driver?

He also point out that, during your build, you should NEVER be afraid to ask questions. Give us a call and we can help you work through the logistics of your van build, provide recommendations, and even help you design a van around your specific use case.


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