All bets are off when it comes to obstacles and terrain conditions when you go offroad. OHV likes to install chassis and suspension lift-kits to stack the odds in your favor so you’ll have the underbody clearance needed to get you anywhere you want to go. 

  • Significant increase to ground clearance 

  • Doesn't affect drivetrain durability

  • All components come with warranty

  • Available for 2014-2022 Dodge RAM ProMaster Chassis

  • KO2 All-Terrain tire upgrade (recommended)



A smooth ride while out on the road is one of the most important parts of a custom van. SumoSprings provide better cushion and absorption against bumpy roads and rough terrain, helping keep you comfortable and your cargo secure. An upgrade to any ProMaster suspension.

  • Creates smoother ride 

  • Sold separately from Ride Control Kit

  • Available for 2014-2021 Dodge RAM ProMaster

  • Compliments the ProMaster Lift Kit


Having a smooth ride can be the difference between irritated passengers and happy campers. Whether you are cruising the highways or hitting the backroads, the right suspension system will greatly increase ride quality as well as improve handling and performance. The ultimate upgrade to any ProMaster suspension. 

  • Increases the life of the suspension system

  • Available for 2014-2022 Dodge RAM ProMaster

  • SumoSprings sold separately 

  • Call to confirm availability. Sourcing limited. 


Some of the most important parts of your engine lie exposed on the underside of the vehicle. Unexpected rocks and large objects present a very real risk to the engine, alternator, transmission, etc. Installing an E-Guard helps protect your custom van from severe damage and potential failure. 

  • Protects critical operating components from rough terrain

  • Fits all RAM ProMaster 1500's, 2500's, and 3500's


The Steelcraft 52600 Front Runner Brush Guard is simply the best design we've found available for the RAM ProMaster vans. Add an aggressive look to your van, while providing protection. 

  • Provides Protection

  • Light Mounting Made Easier

  • Doesn't Obstruct License Plate

  • Powdercoated Aluminum