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The Belle Starr Camper Van from Off Highway Van
Off Highway Van Gear Hauling
Off Highway Van Off Road Capable

Customizable Colors 

4 Week Build - Get Rolling Right Away

Designed to Haul Your Adventure Gear

2-3 People

Off-Road and Off-Grid Capable

The Belle Starr builds on some of our original layouts such as the Sundance Kid while incorporating some new innovative upgrades. Designed for 1-2 people, this layout maximizes internal space and functionality through a new, dynamic seating arrangement.


Perfect for couples, this “café style” seating allows passengers to comfortably work, share meals and good conversations in the van anytime. The seats provide additional storage and easily convert to become a secondary bed system for an occasional third passenger or guest. This multi-purpose area allows passengers to share more of their travel experience together as well as utilize a comfortable living space.


The Belle Starr comes with a 40” galley, full bed system (76”x68”), 180W solar panels, and plenty of storage space. It also comes with a long list of optional upgrades to the materials, aesthetic, systems, and exterior. From the rugged overlander to the homey feel, the Belle Starr has an endless list of combinations and styles to choose from. This floor pan is also compatible with both the Mercedes Sprinter 144"/170" and Ford Transit 148" wheelbases.


Gallery photos may reflect upgrades to initial core build package


Camper Van Ready

• Aluminum/Composites Wall and Ceiling Panels
• Insulation Package (Synthetic Thermal Barrier, Foil backed close cell foam thermal
barrier, Butyl sound deadener)
• 3/4” Marine Grade Wood Subfloor
• Vinyl Marine Grade Flooring
• Roof Mounted Fan
• Espar D2L Air Heater
• Side Bump Outs for more sleeping space

Off Highway Van Belle Starr Camper Van Engineering Render

Save the plywood and particle board for your house renovation - 

Get started on a real, quality camper van build.

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