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What We Love About the Ford Transit Van

We're quickly growing very fond of the Ford Transit AWD chassis for adventure van outfitting and building. With the Mercedes Sprinter 4x4 as the higher end chassis, and the RAM ProMaster option as the more value oriented chassis - the Ford Transit AWD sits right in between with a whole host of features. It's a van that's capable, and rugged enough to get you out into the wild places you want to go - to do the fun activities you love.

Ford Transit Campervan Adventure Rig from Off Highway Van

Starting with the drivetrain, the Ford Transit AWD is available with the renowned Ford EcoBoost V6 motor that uses a turbocharger to increase overall power. Similarly, the AWD platform can come with an optional factory limited slip differential axle. What that means is reduced wheel spin - or less embarrassing situation of being stuck on a snowy road, or out on a rocky and sandy trail.

Ford Transit Campervan Adventure Rig from Off Highway Van

Roof heights and vehicle lengths are also available in a variety of options. In regards to the interior roof height - there are three options with a low roof, medium roof and high roof (56.9”, 72”, and 81.5” Interior Heights, respectively). Finally, the interior lengths are also available in three different options with a regular 130" wheelbase, a 148" wheelbase, and a 148" Wheelbase with and Extended body (115.9”, 133.6”, and 162” Interior Lengths, respectively). With these so closely resembling the Mercedes Sprinter interior dimensions, the engineering team at OHV has created ways to make nearly all of our available floor plan options work in the Ford chassis. You can look through those different build options here: OHV Van Models

Ford Transit Campervan Adventure Rig from Off Highway Van

The overall features, options, Ford reliability, and parts availability - as well as the affordability - leads this to be a solid option for those searching for their build chassis. Expect to see more parts and options available from OHV for these vehicles in the future as we continue to build and test them out in the wilderness.


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