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The 2024 Mercedes Sprinter Van: What’s New?

2024 Mercedes Sprinter Van

As the automotive industry charges forward into the future, the evolution of vehicles like the Mercedes Sprinter reflects a commitment to innovation and excellence. In the dynamic landscape of camper vans, the arrival of the 2024 Mercedes Sprinter invites us to explore the advancements and enhancements that distinguish it from its predecessor, the 2023 model. 

From design refinements to technological upgrades, this comparison unveils the nuanced improvements that redefine the Sprinter experience and set new standards in the realm of utility and efficiency.

The Bad News: Base Price Increases

Due to inflation as well as the upgrades listed above for 2024 have increased the initial purchase price of a Mercedes Sprinter shell. Base model vans (M2CA4A and M2CA7A | 144 and 170 Chassis respectively) have seen a small price increase relative to inflation of just over 6% from 2023 to 2024.

The realized increases (6%) can be seen below: 

  • 144 Chassis Pricing Increase: $52,770 (2024) | $49,650 (2023)

  • 170 Chassis Pricing Increase: $59,300 (2024) | $55,940 (2023)

New Options (That We Don't Order) from Mercedes

F84 Digital Rear View Mirror

The New F84 Digital Rear View Mirror

Though this option was technically released for 2023 models, it was nearly impossible to find due to ordering limitations. 

The F84 digital rearview mirror offers a myriad of advantages over the traditional Sprinter analog mirrors, revolutionizing the way drivers can interact and understand their surroundings. 

One significant advantage of the new F84 is the enhanced visibility. This digital mirror provides a wider field of view and can mitigate blind spots more effectively. By leveraging high-resolution cameras and advanced display technology, the F84 offers a clearer image, even in low-light conditions, improving overall maneuverability of your van.

H16 Driver's Seat Heater

H16 Driver’s Seat Heater

The H16 Driver’s seat heater is now standard in all 2024 Mercedes Sprinter models. This option used to be limited to the X68 Comfort Plus package with H15 passenger seat and required an upgrade from the factory.

Now the only optional equipment when it comes to seating configurations for drivers is the H15 Passenger seat heater and SF1/SF2 Electrically Adjustable Seating.

No More Ordering Restrictions

Leaving Ordering Restrictions in The Dust

Ordering restrictions were commonplace throughout 2023 and made some premium factory options nearly impossible to attain. In 2024, we have seen these “hard-to-find” options become more available and easier to acquire. These options include things like:

  • C03 Premium Plus Package - Infotainment with 10.25” touchscreen

  • X69 Swivel Seat Package

  • X13 Exterior Lighting Package

There’s No Time Like the Present To Build Your 2024 Mercedes Sprinter Van

As we conclude our exploration of the new possibilities offered by the 2024 Mercedes Sprinter,  it's evident that there's never been a better time to embark on the journey of building your dream adventure vehicle with Off Highway Van

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