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What's Inside A $350,000 Camper Van?

No, that's not a typo. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail and equipped with the utmost luxury, this $350,000 Doc Holliday camper van transcends the conventional notion of mobile living. From its sleek exterior design to its opulent interior amenities, every aspect of this bespoke vehicle embodies the epitome of comfort, convenience, and adventure.

Engineered to provide a seamless fusion of functionality and extravagance, it boasts state-of-the-art technology, premium materials, and customizable features that cater to the discerning tastes of modern nomads. Whether embarking on cross-country road trips or seeking remote wilderness escapades, The Doc Holliday 170 Pro-X promises an unparalleled journey, where the journey itself becomes as extraordinary as the destinations it unveils.

Doc Holliday 170 Pro-X Exterior

Offroad Performance: Standard

The Doc Holliday Pro-X model comes equipped with state-of-the-art offroad features and every bell and whistle you can think of for your camper van build.

Starting with performance, the Doc Holliday 170 Pro-X is equipped standard with a Dark Star Offroad Limited Slip Differential. This ensures that your van is as offroad capable as possible and that you constantly maintain traction even when the roads get muddy, snowy, or rocky.

CA Tuned Hammerhead Front Bumper

The Pro-X package also includes a heavy-duty Dark Star Offroad coilover suspension kit, as well as side steps, a Series A roof rack (with 360W of solar), a CA Tuned Hammerhead front bumper with an integrated Warn winch, and a rear ladder tire carrier.

Doc Holliday Rear Ladder Tire Carrier

Luxury Interior Layout

When you choose a Pro-X model from Off Highway Van, you will have all the comforts you expect from home on the road with you without losing seating or sleeping capacity for your van.

Pictured below, you can see the Doc Holliday 170 floorplan:

Doc Holliday 170 Floorplan

This floor plan allows seating for up to 7 with the ability to sleep 5+ thanks to the convertible wilderness seat standard on every Doc Holliday Model. And we're just getting started.

Doc Holliday 170 Pro-X Interior

What truly sets the Pro-X package apart is the luxury features and accoutrement when you step inside the van. This package includes a full interior design consultation, custom color-matched leather seats, upgraded design features for cabinets and upholstery and the ability to customize your palette top to bottom.

Unique Interior Features

Doc Holliday 170 TV

A very unique feature that our customer chose for this specific build was an over-driver shelf mounted 40" TV. This feature does remove the over-drive shelf functionality, but it includes everything you need to create a cinema anywhere you travel.

40" Camper Van TV

The Skylight Package

When you build an Off Highway Van, you have the option to install a 3 x 5 skylight to make your build brighter, and at the same time feel bigger. Stars, storms, and sunsets are more accessible with this custom option.

3 x 5 Camper Van Skylight

Gear Garage Cargo Slider: Standard

With the Pro-X model of every Off Highway Van floorplan, you get the gear garage cargo slider, standard. This slider is rated for up to 450lbs and can hold all the gear you need no matter where you take your van.

Gear Garage Cargo Slider

This gear slider can hold up to 4 full-size mountain bikes or any other gear you want to have easy access to during your travels. With two levers, you can easily slide this cargo tray in and out of the rear of your van. No more crawling in over a pile of gear to find what you need!

Exterior Shower

Though the Doc Holliday 170 Pro-X comes standard with a half-height convertible shower, we include an external shower standard.

Camper Van Exterior Shower

This can be used when you need to spray off gear, clean off boots, or if you just want to get outside for your camp shower.

Ready to Build Your Own Off Highway Van?

If you're tired of tent camping, having to load up the trailer every time you want to get out of the city, or climbing in and out of your precarious truck camper, a custom camper van from Off Highway Van can make getting out into nature easier.

Get in touch with one of our van experts today to start your custom camper van build with Off Highway Van!


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