How to use your Espar Heating System

A heating system is one of the best additions you can make to your adventure van. With the ability to stay comfortable when the temperatures dip, you can extend your van season and venture to new and further away places.

In our experience of outfitting a wide variety of vans, we’ve seen the best quality and consistency from the Espar Airtronic heating system. It’s also a very easy system to use with just a few helpful hints.

Heat Mode - Start by rotating the knob to select the heating symbol that looks like three wind currents. The initial temperature set point is displayed - rotate it in either direction to adjust, and then press in on the same knob to set. The maximum runtime will then be displayed, which can be adjusted in a similar manner on the knob which is then confirmed again by pressing the knob. To turn this mode off or simply re-adjust - just re-select the heating symbol and select off, or the setting symbol.