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The Off Highway Van Build Process: From Cargo to Camper Van

Transforming a cargo van into a camper van is a meticulous process that demands relentless dedication to quality, durability, and attention to detail. At Off Highway Van, our process ensures that your van can handle any adventure you throw at it. Let's dive into how we turn a blank canvas of a Mercedes Sprinter van into your dream offroad camper van.

Off Highway Van Build Teams

Off Highway Van Build Teams

The heart of our build processes are our 2-person build teams. These teams are dedicated to each individual build, ensuring that the same builders know, and work on, your van from start to finish. This continuity means if something needs special attention or adjustment, it doesn’t have to be passed along to someone else where it can slip through the cracks. Our builders take personal pride in every detail of each build, guaranteeing the highest quality craftsmanship backed by a lifetime craftsmanship warranty.

Starting A Camper Van Build

Starting the Camper Van Build Process

Typically, we kick off the process by sourcing vans for our customers. If you already have a new van, you can bring it to us. We’re also here to help you find a specific van model if you have one in mind. Once the van is chosen, it’s brought into our shop to begin its transformation.

Converting Your Camper Van

Getting Ready to Convert Your Van

The first step is to strip out anything factory-installed that won’t be part of the camper build. Then, we start modifying the van structure to add features like air conditioning, additional windows, and skylights. This is followed by the installation of the wiring harness, dual-layer Thinsulate insulation, and Lonseal marine-grade flooring. We also handle the plumbing, heating, and air conditioning systems at this stage. Concurrently, exterior components such as steps, bumpers, and roof racks are installed.

Custom Made Van Furniture

Installing The Custom Made Furniture For Your Van

All custom-made furniture for your van is designed, engineered, and built in-house at Off Highway Van. After design, the furniture structure is laser cut and bent by our local partners in Salt Lake City, UT. Following this, we assemble the furniture and send it to our local powder coater to be coated with your chosen palette accent color. Finally, it goes through final assembly and is ready to be installed in your van by the build team.

Van Build Quality Control

Quality Control + Testing

After assembly, the van undergoes a rigorous testing process. This checks all systems, including plumbing, heating, air conditioning, and electrical. Once these tests are completed, the van is handed over to our in-house quality control (QC) team. The QC team reviews many of the same items tested initially and thoroughly checks all aspects of build quality to ensure everything meets our high standards.

With this exhaustive and dedicated process, we at Off Highway Van ensure that every van is ready to embark on any adventure you have in mind. From start to finish, our focus on quality, durability, and detail guarantees that your camper van is built to last.

Ready to Start Your Dream Van Build?

If you're ready to start your dream van build look no further than the expert team at Off Highway Van for your camper van conversion project. We'll be with you from design to delivery and will ensure you drive away in the van of your dreams! Talk to a van expert today!


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