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It's Official - We're now RVIA Approved and Certified

RVIA Off Highway Van Approved

It’s official, and we’re excited to announce that Off Highway Van is now RVIA certified and approved. We are always working to make our builds more accessible and affordable for our customers which made taking this step a no-brainer. Essentially, RVIA certification simplifies the custom van financing process, making it easier for you to access the wild places you enjoy. If you’re curious about how that works, contact us today or continue reading to learn more.

RVIA’s (Recreational Vehicle Industry Association) primary task is ensuring that any vehicle chiefly designed for recreation and as a temporary living space meets specific standards of safety and quality. RVIA certification is a stamp of approval signifying that the vehicle meets construction, electrical, plumbing, heating, and fire safety requirements. Simply put, it means your RV (And in our case - the camper van) is up to code and safe for the road. Along with providing financial institutions/insurance agencies the authentication they need to lend and provide insurance for these vehicles, RVIA certification comes with several other benefits worth mentioning.


Perhaps the biggest benefit has to do with custom van financing. If you’ve been in the market for a camper van, you likely know how complicated and difficult it can be to qualify for financing before making your purchase - especially in the custom van market. Thankfully, RVIA Certification is nationally recognized as a reputable and authenticating source. This opens the door to financing your custom van through traditional means such as a standard RV loan under your preferred bank or even local credit union.

Out of the 150-200 class B van builders in North America, only about 1-2 dozen of them are RVIA Certified, meaning purchase and financing options from most builders can be quite limited and stressful. Off Highway Van has always been committed to the highest standards of safety and quality, and our builds speak for themselves. RVIA certification on top of our own quality control is simply another step we’re taking to help in the process of getting you your dream van.

Off Highway Van is RVIA Certified and Approved


There’s no point in going through the process and investing so much time and money into your dream van if you can’t insure it’s protected against potential damage, accident, or theft. In addition to financing, RVIA certification eliminates the complexities of finding a provider and makes certain you’re fully covered - both vehicle and custom build.

DIY and most custom builds typically only qualify for standard auto insurance policies which can leave your actual build vulnerable and unprotected. Because Off Highway Van is a well-established builder (meeting standards of safety and quality backed by RVIA certification) obtaining coverage is simple and comprehensive.

“We put so much thought and intention into the creation and customization of our van conversion. It was much like building a custom home - and in a lot of ways - it is. Having that interior insured as well as the vehicle is peace of mind we appreciate”

- Jill

Off Highway Van - RVIA Member


Because it can be a large investment, many wonder what the resale value of their camper van will be in case life changes and adjustments have to be made. RVIA certification authenticates your vehicle making its value and sale history accessible to lending institutions and other necessary parties. This makes qualifying for financing easier for the next adventure crew interested in your custom van.

Many buyers refuse to even consider vehicles that aren’t certified. Along with banks and providers, many customers see RVIA certified camper vans as significantly more reliable and trustworthy. Having that little sticker on your vehicle attracts more buyers and presents a larger market which saves you time and stress during the resale process.


Off Highway Van’s mission is to help get our customers easy access to the adventure spots they crave. RVIA also acts like something of a VIP pass which grants you access to more campgrounds and RV parks around the country. It may come as a surprise, but it’s not uncommon for parks around North America to require certification in order to camp and access needed facilities and hook ups. The last thing you want is to finish a long day of travel and play only to find out you don’t have a place to set up camp for the evening. RVIA certification will even help you avoid those silly and inconvenient parking situations providing a smoother trip experience.

You’ve probably figured out by now that RVIA certified custom vans come with some premiere benefits. We’re excited to simplify the process of acquiring Off Highway Van’s builds and products which provide easier access to the wild places you enjoy. Contact us today to learn how you can get your dream van and hit the road.


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