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Tech Tips: Mastering Your Van's Main Switch Panel

When you take your first few trips in an offroad camper van from Off Highway Van, there is a bit of a learning curve when it comes to the systems within your van build. Luckily, the team from OHV have put together our tips for using these systems and controlling them from your main switch panel here!

What Does The Main Switch Panel Control?

The main switch panel in your new Off Highway Van controls all the different functions of your camper van build.

Please note: these panels may have some slight variations based on the systems you have chosen for your specific Off Highway Van build.

Kitchen Lights Switch

The first switch in the row on your main switch panel is labeled "kitchen lights" and controls the lighting above your aerospace aluminum galley.

Kitchen Lights Switch

This switch also controls any cabinet lighting you opted for during the van build process.

Cabin Lights Switch

The cabin lights switch controls your 3-zone dimmable LED lighting located in the ceiling of your camper van build and all of your other interior lighting.

Cabin Lights Switch

These lights are set on a dimmer switch that gives you full control of the brightness and intensity of your interior lighting.

To change the lighting in your van, simply hold the button until your ideal brightness level is achieved. To go back to full brightness, release the button and hold it an additional time.

Outside Lights Switch

The outside lights switch controls any lighting on the roof rack of your Off Highway Van build.

Outside Lights Switch

This switch can also be used to switch your Girard legless awning lighting on and off.

Inverter 110V Switch (Legacy)

On some older, legacy OHV models, you will find a control switch labeled Inverter 110V.

Inverter 110V Switch

This switch simply turns your inverter for 110V accesssible power on or off.

Please note: If you do not see this switch on your control panel, do not be alarmed. On newer models, this switch is located on our Touch 50 CERBO panel.

H20 Pump Switch

The H20 Pump switch controls the pump that provides pressurized water to your kitchen, shower, and all other water functions in your van.

H20 Pump Switch

Once this system is activated, you are able to use your sink, rear shower, or interior shower.

Additional Controls to Be Aware Of

Some of your major control switches are now located in the rear boxe on the passenger side of your OHV offroad camper van build.

Rear Box Systems Control

These switches provide some additional functionality like lightings, tank level, and more.

Need More Help Understanding Your Van's Systems?

Still having trouble with your main switch panel or other Off Highway Van system? Reach out to the expert service team at OHV to get all of your questions answered!


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