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Tech Tips: Using The Rixen Heating System in Your Off Highway Van

When you purchase your first camper van, the systems’ learning curve can be a bit steep initially. Figuring out all of your settings, functions, and capabilities doesn’t have to be confusing. The team at Off Highway Van have put together a series of tech tips that will help you understand all of the systems and their capabilities in your new adventure van. 

Rixen Hot Water Camper Van System

What is the Rixen Heating System?

The Rixen system makes it possible for you to have both the full functionality of your water system through all 4 seasons, but also to heat your van. This system is a must-have for any van owner looking to get out skiing or that will be taking their camper van on winter adventures. 

How To Turn On Rixen Heating System

How to Turn On the Rixen System

To power on your Rixen system, head over to your wall display and tap the screen to begin. Once the home screen powers on, you will see all of the options available with your new Rixen heating system. 

Once the options are visible, you will see a “Set Temp” option. Click on set temp and use the (+) and (-) to set your chosen temperature. 

Adjust Rixen Fan Speed

Adjusting Fan Speed

On the same set temp screen, near the top, you will see an option to set your fan speed as well. Using the (+) and (-). This option allows you to set your fan speed in increments of 5%. It is also possible to enable automatic fan speed so your Rixen system will adjust accordingly based on the current temperature needs of the camper van. 

To finalize your fan and temperature settings, simply click “OK” to save your settings. Once you hit OK, you will be returned to the Rixen systems home screen. 

Using Your Rixen System

Once you are returned to the home screen of your Rixen heating system, you will see “heat sources” on the left of the screen. There are two options: furnace and electric. 

Using the Rixen Furnace

When to Use Your Rixen Furnace

We recommend using the “furnace setting” for off-grid applications or you’re not plugged into shore power. This will give you the maximum available BTUs of the system which is especially important when the temperatures dip below 0. 

Using Rixen Electrical Heat

When to Use Your The Electric Setting For Your Rixen

We suggest using the “electric” setting when your camper van is plugged into shore power at home or at a campground. The electrical system can also be used as long as temperatures are staying above 10 degrees. The electrical system will pull its power from your batteries, but will not use any of the diesel for your van. 

Rixen Fluid Temp Indicator

Fluid Temp Settings

On the bottom right of the Rixen home screen, you will see an display called “Fluid Temp.” If this display is lit up with a blue light, that means the system is in standby mode and is currently heating up. Once the fluid temp display turns orange, your system is active and ready for full heat mode. 

Rixen Hot Water On Demand

Hot Water On Demand

The final option on the Rixen display is labeled “Hot Water” near the top right corner of the Rixen system display. When this options is selected, you have access to hot water on demand. This feature is especially useful for winter as it pumps hot glycol through your system at all times. 

In the summer however, your system may need 10-15 minutes to achieve fully hot water. Make sure that your system is set to 40 degrees in the summer so that it is not constantly running. 

Rixen System Yearly Maintenance

Maintaining Your Rixen Heating System

For yearly maintenance, we recommend that you run your system for roughly 15 minutes per month regardless of whether you are using the van or not. A yearly service is also highly recommended by the Off Highway Van team. 

Want to Learn More About Our OHV Systems? 

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