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Tech Tips: Using The Nomadic A/C + MaxxAir Fan Systems in Your Off Highway Van

Welcome to Off Highway Van's Tech Tips, where we dive into the nitty-gritty of van life essentials. In this series, we're shining a spotlight on two critical components that keep your adventures cool and comfortable: the MaxxAir Fan and Nomadic A/C systems.

Whether you're traversing rugged terrain or parking under the scorching sun, these systems are the heartbeat of your mobile oasis. Join us as we unravel the intricacies, offer troubleshooting insights, and unleash the full potential of your van's climate control capabilities.

Maxxair Fan System

Using Your MaxxAir Fan System

Every MaxxAir fan system integrated into an Off Highway Van is designed for intuitive operation, putting climate control literally at your fingertips with just a few simple button presses. 

From adjusting fan speed to toggling between intake and exhaust modes, these systems are engineered to provide optimal airflow with minimal effort. 

Maxxair Fan System Remote

Temperature Control 

This may seem very self-explanatory, but to adjust your temperature settings, simply press the up (+) or down (-) arrows on the left and right hand side of your MaxxAir control remote. This allows you to dial the temperature in your van to within a few degrees of your ideal room temperature. 

Fan Speed

Fan speed can also easily be controlled and adjusted from your MaxxAir remote control. The fan speed buttons are located above and below your “auto” remote button. These can be used to adjust your MaxxAir fan in increments of 10% from 0-100%. 


Running your fan at 10% while your heater is running in the winter can help air to circulate throughout your camper van and keep temperatures level and fresh air flowing. 

Other Controls

On your MaxxAir remote, you will also see some additional buttons that allow some additional functionality from your fan system.

Circulate Setting

On the lower right hand corner of your fan control remote, you will see a circulation button. This setting allows you to choose whether you would like to bring air into or remove air from your camper van. This allows you to choose whether to bring the outside in or keep it in the great outdoors.

Auto Setting

The auto setting works much like you’d expect your thermostat to function. Simply choose the temperature and fan speed you’d like to maintain in the van and let your MaxxAir fan system take care of the rest.


To shut down your MaxxAir fan system, simply click the upper left hand corner button on your MaxxAir remote and that will power your system down.

Using Your Nomadic A/C System

If you find yourself yearning for a touch of home-like comfort during the sweltering summer months on the open road, Off Highway Van (OHV) offers a solution: the Nomadic A/C unit.

Whether you're embarking on a cross-country expedition or simply seeking respite from the heat during a weekend getaway, this optional addition transforms your OHV into an oasis of coolness. Engineered for seamless integration into any OHV build, the Nomadic A/C unit brings the convenience of modern climate control technology to your mobile lifestyle.

With its compact design and robust cooling power, you can bid farewell to stifling temperatures and welcome in a newfound level of comfort wherever your adventures take you.

Identifying Your Nomadic A/C Remote

The Nomadic A/C remote is a much skinnier, more modern looking remote compared to your MaxxAir fan controls. Think more AppleTV and Roku than a standard TV remote. This remote does come with a few features beyond the MaxxAir system that we’ll discuss here.

Temperature Control

Located on either side of the radial dial of the Nomadic A/C remote you will see two items (T+), and (T-). These buttons work as you’d expect: lowering and raising your chosen target temperature. The temperature range available for your Nomadic A/C system goes from all the way down to 60 degrees Fahrenheit and as high as 86 degrees Fahrenheit.

Fan Speed Control

Just like the MaxxAir remote above, the Nomadic remote control also includes fan speed options on the upper and lower portion of the radial dial. As you are selecting your fan speed, you will see a bar graphic on your A/C unit that slowly fills or reduces depending on the speed you have chosen.

Nomadic A/C Presets

If you’d like to dial in and optimize your van’s cooling system, presets can be a great way to seamlessly handle the climate control of your camper. These preset options are labeled (A), (S), (E), (T), and (V) on the remote. These act as saved climate experiences you can pull up with a moment’s notice.

Setting Your Nomadic A/C Presets

To set the presets of your Nomadic A/C system, simply set the temperature and fan speed to your liking, then, press and hold any of the buttons listed above to save your current settings to your chosen preset.

Setting Your Timer

On the top right of your Nomadic A/C remote, you will see a timer setting. This setting allows you to run your chosen preset or setting for a specific amount of time rather than to a specific temperature setting. These intervals are in 1 hour time blocks.

No Remote? No Problem.

All of the settings on the remote discussed above can also be found on the faceplate of your Nomadic A/C unit itself. There is a small screen to view your chosen settings, set temperature, change fan speed, and even add presets.

Need More Assistance With Your System?

As always, remember that Off Highway Van is here to support you every step of the way.

Whether you have lingering questions, encounter technical hiccups, or simply seek personalized advice, our team of experts stands ready to assist.

Don't hesitate to reach out with any inquiries or concerns – we're committed to ensuring that your OHV is primed for peak performance and ultimate comfort. Your satisfaction is our priority, and together, we'll navigate the road ahead with confidence and ease. Happy trails!


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