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Top 7 Van Builds of 2022

2022 has been a very busy year for us here at Off Highway Van. We've had some truly unique, fun, and innovative campervan builds to cover all sorts of use cases - Family haulers, Moto haulers, Adventure Base Camps, and Remote Work Mobiles. While it's difficult to pick just a few - we wanted to do our best to highlight some truly unique designs. Enjoy the galleries below -

#7 - The Iron Horse Moto Hauler

This build is all business. Designed to haul multiple motorcycles and provide a perfect trailhead basecamp to refuel, change, and chill between moto sessions.

#7 - The Sundance Kid

It's no secret the Sundance Kid is one of our most popular van build layouts. This layout is perfect to the solo or couple adventure team that needs to bring their gear with them everywhere they go. It's simple, versatile, and packs a lot of features into a compact package. This customer in particular sent us some gorgeous photos of them out utilizing the van to it's full potential.

#6 - The Buffalo Bill

This is not our typical Buffalo Bill build. Utilizing the longest wheelbase and body possible on the Mercedes Sprinter Chassis - The 170EXT - this van prioritizes seating and sleeping with the optional bunk-bed below the main sleeping area and removable captain's chairs.

#5 - The Dirty Harry

A complete custom build - this van features a unique 2-person seat that folds away when not in use. Similarly, the dual-galley setup provides more storage space and a better workflow through the van.

#4 The Bandidas

These two twin builds on the RAM ProMaster chassis were so fun for everyone here at Off Highway Van. Built together and delivered just a week apart - the two friends were fun to work with, and we've been so excited to see and hear about their adventures together out on the road. Check out a video we filmed of their van delivery here.

#2 - The Davey Jackson Mobile Remote Work Station

This Davey Jackson van was designed and built with the sole purpose of providing the best office view possible. A standing desk set-up inside the van allows you to work from wherever you park. Work remote, play remote and allow yourself more time in the wilderness while staying connected - only when you need it.

#1 - Van #100

This build marked our 100th build here at Off Highway Van, and an important milestone in our company history. Fitting that it's also one of our most popular builds - The Doc Holliday. It's a versatile and modular family hauler and great mobile basecamp for families camping in National Parks, KOAs, RV Parks, or boondocking out in the desert.

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