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The Top 3 Product Innovations at Outdoor Retailer 2024

The Most Innovative Products From Outdoor Retailer 2024

We had the chance to check out this year's summer Outdoor Retailer show and found some truly innovative products that we think deserve the spotlight. From staying cool to storage, and even assisted hiking exoskeletons, head down to the post below to find our top 3 products from OR 2024!

1. SOLOKOOL Cooler + A/C Vest

When you're off-grid (especially during the summer) how to stay cool in the heat is always top-of-mind. SOLOKOOL has come up with an all new innovative cooler product that both allows you to have a portable A/C unit wherever you bring a cooler, and allows you to pump that A/C directly into your very own chilled vest.

This cooler also has some innovative ways to keep your cooler colder, longer. With its Kold Plate Technology, it's far from the damp, air recycling swamp coolers you've come to know.

Their innovative & efficient proprietary Kold Plate™ technology utilizes ice to passively chill an aluminum Kold Plate™ with a series of heat exchanging aluminum fins beneath. The incoming hot air is then exchanged to cold air when passing through the chilled aluminum fins.

Staying cool off-grid has never been easier. Learn more here!

2. Impetro Gear Modular Backpack

At Off Highway Van, we're all about outdoor hobbies and making it easier and more efficient to get out and do them. If you're anything like us, you probably have a favorite pack that gets used for just about everything. Impetro Gear is here to change that narrative. Now, you don't have to constantly be swapping your gear in and out of a bag or leaving piles of gear around when it's time to take on a different outdoor sport.

With the Impetro Gear modular backpack system, you can have a single backplate system that attaches to any backback size that Impetro makes. From a 33L Mountain Pack all the way down to a 10L Hike Pack, Impetro uses a zipper system to allow you to store your gear in the appropriate bag size then just attach the bag you need to the backplate base system and go.

No more worrying about having all your gear or making sure everything you need is in the right bag! Learn more here!

3. Hypershell One-Horsepower Exoskeleton

Possibly one of the most innovative systems we found at Outdoor Retailer 2024 comes from Hypershell. They allowed us to take their all new one-horsepower exoskeleton out for a spin and needless to say, we were impressed. This system adds around one-horsepower to your walking / running ability and has nearly 5 hours of battery life to allow you to access zones you may not have been comfortable taking on under your own power.

The system hooks up like a standard climbing harness, and, through the power of AI, allows you to walk, run, hike and more with ease. Think of it like an e-bike for hiking.

To learn more about the Hypershell exoskeleton, click here!

Innovation is in our DNA

Much like these Outdoor Retailer products, Off Highway Van is always pushing the limits of what's possible in camper van conversions. To learn more about our camper van builds or about our innovative build process, talk to one our our experts today!


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