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Products We Love: Lonseal Flooring

Lonseal is proud to be part of the Off Highway Van (OHV) amazing masterpieces. We are also very honored to have them write the following piece about us...

Durable materials and highly engineered campervans from Off Highway Van

Why We Use Lonseal Flooring in OHV Builds

In the fast-growing world of Camper Van build-outs and upfitting, we’re experiencing many of the pain points that the world is currently facing in manufacturing. Similarly, we hold ourselves, our van build quality, and the quality of our vendors in the highest regard. Finding not only a product that holds up to the rigors of use seen out on the trail but a vendor that’s easy to work and communicate with is challenging.

At Off Highway Van, we specialize in building vans for the doers in life. People who truly take their recreational and vacation time seriously. We constantly see our van owners out on backroad BLM land in the desert, or high up on a mountain gravel service road. Mountain bikes, hiking boots, dogs, and even motorcycles are regularly brought along on these adventures - and the floor sees all of the dirt, sweat, mud, and abuse that goes with that.

Durable flooring for your campervan adventure rig from Off Highway Van

Durability Meets Aesthetics

While OHV owners prioritize their sport of choice and durability - they appreciate the choice of colors and patterns too. Building out a custom van to your exact specifications is fun - after all - and we see many color combinations that give a real sense of a home away from home or base camp that’s comfortable and inviting.

"Lonseal is the only brand we have found at Off Highway Van that can hold up to our high standards of durability, cleanability, and aesthetics. Our customers demand the most rugged, reliable products and Lonseal delivers exactly that"

OHV Project Manager, Rhea McKinzie.

Bringing all of these elements together, Lonseal delivers.

“Their customer service is top-notch, and even throughout the pandemic, their products have been readily available."

High tech and durable materials in your campervan from Off Highway Van

One of their featured vans is called the BELLE STARR. This is a Mercedes Benz Sprinter Adventure Van build. The floor plan has a dynamic seating arrangement where passengers can easily work, eat, nap, and share more of the trip together. This multi-purpose space made travel available for many of us who felt locked in this past year. OHV allowed people and their families to venture out safely and gave us an opportunity to see how beautiful our country truly is by taking in the scenery we often miss out on.

You can see their remarkable lines of specialty vans on their website.

Thank you OFF HIGHWAY VAN for your support and the products and services you provided the nation during the pandemic.

About Lonseal Customer Spotlight: Lonseal learned how fortunate we are to have strong relationships with our customers and have supported each other in many ways that we are equally grateful for. The Lonseal Team reached out to customers to make sure they were “ok” and let them know that we were here for them. Lonseal is extremely thankful and blessed to have the loyalty and support of our customers. We all got through it together.


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