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Products We Appreciate: AMAuto Windows

With the changing landscape of the supply chain in 2020 and 2021 - we faced the same struggles that most every industry came across. At OHV, we’re problem solvers and we seek out opportunities where others only see obstacles.

Campervan Adventure Rig from OHV

With AMAuto, we discovered not just a window vendor option, but a product that was better in quality and better matched the overall quality of our camper van conversion builds.

“AMAuto has been a life-saver the past two years. Despite the global supply chain falling apart, they have managed to keep stock of products that we regularly need for our business to function. Others have left us completely empty-handed.” states Rhea, our Project Manager at Off Highway Van.

Custom Campervan Adventure Rig from Off Highway Van

The windows are quality toughened safety glass, with aluminum frames and the slider windows are bonded. The large openings allow for maximum airflow, and it's possible to have them opened while driving. It’s clear to anyone who comes across them, or uses them that they’re manufactured to the highest standards. They provide a window that just simply works and is a part of the van that never needs to be worried about.

“I firmly believe that AMAuto carries a superior product. In the end, I’m grateful we partnered with them - a better company and product.” continued Rhea.

Custom Campervan Adventure Rig from Off Highway Van

We build vans that are engineered to explore the wilderness. Our customers have a dream to take themselves and their families out into the backcountry safely and reliably. Having a vendor that not only produces a product that adds to the quality and aesthetic of our van, but is a reliable partner means a lot to us at OHV. Checking all of those boxes is why we appreciate AMAuto. Check out their social media Instagram channel to see more of their windows installed in vans and other RVs: @AMA_windows


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