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Products We Appreciate: MaxxAir Fans

Outdoor types of people are very familiar with the smells and messes that come along with life out in wild places. Similarly, we’re just as familiar with inclement weather. Finding products that help us manage and deal with these situations and uncertainties is difficult - but a solid ventilation system can help mitigate both.

Cooling in your campervan from Off Highway Van

Returning from a long and hot mountain bike ride, or a strenuous hike - there’s no denying that we’re sweaty. It’s a good kind of sweat, however, and one that’s well earned. The accompanying smell, however, isn’t as welcome in the confined spaces of a van. With a solid and powerful fan from MaxxAir - we’re able to enjoy the memory of that adventure and not the smell.

Cooling in your campervan from Off Highway Van

When it comes to inclement weather such as rain or precipitation too - the MaxxAir MaxxFan Deluxe built in rain shield keeps air flowing without letting moisture into the van where it creates problems down the road.

Cooling in your campervan from Off Highway Van

"AirXcel products such as the MaxxAir MaxxFan Deluxe are perfect for adventure van conversion builds. The fan speed, capacity, and overall quality are in line with the rest of our build quality at OHV. We can trust and rely on their products to do what we need them to do. Similarly, the features are well thought out.” says OHV marketing director, AJ Turner.

Custom Campervan Adventure Rig from Off Highway Van

At Off Highway Van, or OHV, we specialize in building vans for the doers in life. People who truly take their recreational and vacation time seriously. We constantly see our van owners out on backroad BLM land in the desert, or high up on a mountain gravel service road. Mountain bikes, hiking boots, dogs, and even motorcycles are regularly brought along on these adventures - and the interior sees all of the smells and dust that goes along with those endeavors. MaxxAir handles it all in stride, and it’s a product line we appreciate.

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