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The Most Reliable Camper Vans: What to Look For

Off Highway Van High Quality Construction

When looking to invest in an off-road capable camper van, proven reliability should be one of your highest priorities. Sometimes you’ll be cruising highways to get to your favorite destinations, but the real value of a premium travel van is to venture into uncommon, spectacular wilderness areas that don’t see crowds or may often rarely see human visitors at all. Doing this requires a rugged van that can handle rough terrain and stand up to years of true adventure travel.

Off Highway Van High Quality Materials

Aluminum Is More Reliable

At Off Highway Van, our unique use of aluminum and aluminum composites in nearly all of our interior architecture delivers unmatched reliability over the kinds of roads that test the quality of a van. Our engineered DuraLight Wall Panels and aluminum Series A cabinets, galleys and beds won’t rattle loose like most wood constructions when the road turn to dirt or when there is no road at all. Aluminum also will never absorb moisture, delaminate or chip like wood, so your interior will be as solid in in 50,000 miles as it is on Day 1.

Off Highway Van High Quality Build

Smoother Ride = More Longevity

Another aspect of Off Highway Van design and construction that increases long-term reliability in the wild are the premium suspension upgrades we offer in our vans. Our lift kits and custom-tuned shocks allow your van to glide smoothly over washboard backcountry roads and other obstacles. The result is less jarring chatter to test the quality of the build.

Sprinter Ride Control Kit

Power You Can Count On

Reliability in the wilderness also involves having an electrical system that can be counted on when you are off-grid and miles from the nearest paved road. Our Lithium Generator Package with a second alternator means your cabin electrical systems are always optimally charged, and you always have separate power to start your vehicle.

Off Highway Van Systems

At OHV, we engineer vans you can rely on. Whether it’s standing up to years of rugged use or being dependable when you are on your own, we’re proud to build the most reliable camper vans to let you explore your dreams.

To start your custom camper van build, get in touch with the expert van builders at Off Highway Van.


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