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Take Control with the OHV Sprinter Ride Control Kit.
Years of suspension tuning put into a simple and comprehensive van shock package that gives you more confidence and traction in any situation. Good dampening is good dampening and should work across a variety of terrains and surfaces. Install it, and never worry about the adjusting again - we did all the tuning for you. High quality materials, nitrogen charged, and an immediate upgrade to any van. 

Please Note - OHV Shocks are only compatible with NCV3 and VS30 4x4 Models


Tuned for Van Life

Vans see highway miles, washboard gravel roads, off-road trails, and everything in between. Our long experience with suspension tuning allowed us to fully customize these to improve the ride quality of your van in nearly every scenario - including the time spent in between adventures.

Durable Materials

Stainless steel bodies, aluminum caps, NitroSteel® Black Piston Rods, and polyurethane mounting ends. Every material is chosen specifically for the application to ensure longevity and performance.


Designed around a 4x4 Sprinter VS30 and NCV3 chassis, these length specific shocks work to fit the suspension properly without compression or rebound binding. Not a re-purposed shock that's re-worked to fit a Sprinter van.

Nitrogen Charged

Charged with Nitrogen to reduce oil breakdown during high-speed trail use for more consistent performance.

Built for Stability

Built out vans weigh more - it's a simple fact. The standard OEM package just wasn't designed for the needs we place on these vehicles. The OHV Sprinter Ride Control Shock Package improves the suspension to handle increased loads for a more stable ride feel. 

Separate Gas and Oil Chambers

Separate gas and oil chambers means the high pressure nitrogen gas doesn't mix with the oil which translates to a more consistent ride feel at all times. Heavy use from the trail, gravel backcountry, or even rough roads won't decrease the performance of the OHV Shocks. 

Kit Includes:

  • Two Auxiliary Front Shocks and Mounting Brackets

  • Two Rear Replacement Shocks and Mounting Brackets

  • Polyurethane Bushings

  • All necessary hardware