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OHV Sprinter Ride Control Kit 2-min.jpg

Ride Control Kit

Price: $1,975 (Not including installation)
Compatibility: 2007+ Sprinter, 4x4 only

Take control of your ride on or off-road.

Years of suspension tuning put into a simple and comprehensive van shock package that gives you more confidence and traction in any situation. Good dampening is good dampening and should work across a variety of terrains and surfaces. Install it, and never worry about the adjusting again - we did all the tuning for you. High quality materials, nitrogen charged, and an immediate upgrade to any van. 

What build features make it special?

Tuned for Van Life

Vans see highway miles, washboard gravel roads, off-road trails, and everything in between. Our long experience with suspension tuning allowed us to fully customize these to improve the ride quality of your van in nearly every scenario - including the time spent in between adventures.

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