RAM ProMaster Lift Kit (2014-2022)


Start enjoying those backcountry roads with the OHV 3" lift kit engineered specifically for the RAM ProMaster chassis. Out of the factory, the van is naturally lower on the front end, a 3" lift on the front axle, and a 2.25" lift in the rear helps level out the vehicle. In addition to greater clearance, the lift kit also increases protection for any gear you may have mounted underneath. The ProMaster lift kit is truly designed to let you go anywhere.

For Gasoline Powered Models Only. OHV will only install OHV approved products and parts, and does not have the capability to install or modify a van outside of our product line. OHV will only install OHV approved wheels such as Black Rhino, Method, and OEM (Stock) wheels. Please contact us for any other compatibility or installation questions. 


Certified                     Installer Locations

Off Highway Van has several partners professionally trained to install our custom ProMaster lift kits.
Use the map below to find the installer nearest you.

Wilderness Vans, Alberta, Canada
1530 33 Street N., Lethbridge, AB T1H 5H3
Phone: (403) 329-8675


Clydesdale Vans, Kamloops, Canada

701 E Athabaska St. Kamloops, BC V2H 1C7

Phone: (250) 374-2477



Seattle RV Adventures, Seattle, WA
31005 168th Way SE, Auburn, WA 98092, USA
Phone: (360) 355-3041


Suspension Specialists Inc., Bend, OR
63032 Lower Meadow Dr, Bend, OR 97701, USA
Phone: (541) 390-4339

EZ Wheeler

  • Fort Wayne, IN:

11319 Indianapolis Rd, Fort Wayne, IN 46809
Phone: (260) 478-2709

  • Lima, OH:

2875 Baty Rd, Elida, OH 45807
Phone: (419) 331-5925


Off Highway Van, Salt Lake City, UT
1210 3600 W, Salt Lake City, UT 84104, USA
Phone: (801) 382-7374

Juggernaut USA, Denver, CO
5440 Marshall St Ste 8, Arvada, CO 80002, USA
Phone: (303) 717-8269


National Auto Trim

2101 AR-7, Harrison, AR 

Phone: (870) 741-6860


EDGE Vanworks, Livermore, CA
4355 Technology Dr, Livermore, CA 94551, USA
Phone: (925) 967-4710


Off-Road Warehouse, San Diego, CA
5555 Kearny Villa Rd, San Diego, CA 92123, USA
Phone: (858) 565-7792


VanWon, San Diego, CA
8533 Production Ave, San Diego, CA 92121, USA
Phone: (858) 361-5988


DFW Truck & Auto Accessories, Dallas, TX
11600 Stemmons Fwy, Dallas, TX 75229, USA
Phone: (972) 241-6443


Outlaw Offroad

  • Greensboro, NC

103 Creek Ridge Rd. Greensboro, NC 27406

Phone: (888) 954-7799 



  • Asheville, NC

85 Avery Creek Rd. Arden, NC 28704

Phone: (888) 954-7799



  • Huntsville, AL

26469 Nick Davis Rd. Athens, AL 35613

Phone: (888) 954-7799



Lift Kit Details


  • Kit Only: $1,845: Excludes installation and alignment costs. If preferred, your local suspension shop can do the install and alignment. 

  • Installation by OHV: $2,800: Includes parts, labor, and alignment; 2 days required for installation.

  • SumoSprings: $350 (parts and labor)

  • All-Terrain KO2 Tire Upgrade:

    • $265 each​

    • Set of 4: $1060 

    • Set of 5: $1325

Van Compatibility

  • Recommended for all RAM ProMasters (Gasoline Powered Only) manufactured between 2014-2022, including camper vans or Class B motorhomes and the like the Hymer Aktiv, Winnebago Travato, Pleasure-Way Lexor, Roadtrek Zion, and more. 

Tire Recommendations

  • All-Terrain KO2 Tire Upgrade:​

    • Set of 4: $1060 

    • Set of 5: $1325

  • The 3" lift kit also allows most vans to go up in tire size (from stock 225/75/16 to 245/75/16) giving you about ½” of additional ground clearance. Depending on the van’s exterior modifications, upsizing may cause rubbing on mud flaps and plastic skirts on Class B motorhomes. Typically, these can be trimmed to eliminate rubbing.

Accessory Compatibility

  • SumoSprings: Helps reduce sway by stiffening the suspension and gives you an additional 1/2" lift (Recommended). 

    • Disclaimer: If your van already has front Sumo Springs, we will remove them when the lift kit is installed. ​

  • eGuard: A popular aftermarket skid plate that goes underneath the engine, and does not interfere with the lift kit, or standard maintenance (Oil changes, etc.).

  • Sway bars: Compatibility depends on the van build and equipment underneath. Please check with the manufacturer. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Does this lift void my vans factory warranty?

Our ProMaster Lift kit does not categorically void any factory warranties, however the dealership does have the power to decide for themselves. It is best to have a good understanding of issues that frequent a stock ProMaster.

Does the lift kit change the ride quality?

The van should drive relatively the same. After installation the van is a few inches taller so it is more prone to swaying which is why SumoSprings are recommended to help stiffen the suspension and depending on the van a rear sway bar can also help improve the ride. Also after the installation because adjustments are made to the motors subframe the motor mounts are adjusted, as a result you may notice a slight vibration in the steering wheel while stopped or while in reverse. This vibration is not causing any damage, you are just feeling the natural vibration through the motor mount because it is slightly tighter than before so it does not dampen the vibration as effectively.

Is there any maintenance?

No, though due to the RAM ProMaster having weaker front axles we recommend that each time you get your tires rotated or an oil change to have the servicer check the CV boots on the front axles to verify they are in good condition with no tears or leaking.

Can I have the kit installed locally rather than driving out to Utah to have it installed by Off Highway Van?

The crew at Off Highway Van enjoy meeting all those who bring their vans in to have the kit installed they understand that the distance or time commitment just doesn't work for some customers. That being the case suspension shops all over the nation have installed the lift kit with no problem, OHV is happy to provide a copy of the instructions to your shop of choice so they can review it first and then let you know if they are comfortable doing the installation assuming you are comfortable having them do the installation for you.

I have installed lift kits before, can I install this lift kit as well?

We do not recommend that the customer do the lift kit installation themselves. This lift kit does include adjustments to the engine subframe and OHV does not want a customer get stuck in the driveway because they didn't have the right tools, equipment, or experience.

Can I go rock crawling after I get the OHV lift and all terrain tires installed?

Yes, as long as you use a different vehicle.

Can OHV also perform any other modifications to my ProMaster?

No. We only perform installations on OHV approved parts and products within our current product line offering.

Can OHV Intall Customer Provided Products?

No. OHV will only install OHV approved parts and products as we fully understand how they work on the vehicle, and integrate with other parts of the vehicle. This includes wheels and tires.