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Tech Tips: Using the Victron Energy System in your Camper Van

When you join the Off Highway Van family, your new offroad camper van will come standard with two very important systems to keep your van functioning as expected. These systems control many of your energy functionalities within your van.

The Victron Energy VRM System

With a Victron Energy System, you're always in perfect control of your Off Highway Van's energy systems. This system allows you to monitor complete energy systems, tanks, and temperatures remotely.

Victron Energy VRM System

Victron also allows you to control your systems with ease, deep-dive into your usage data to maximize the performance, catch issues early with push notifications, and change any setting remotely.

Using Your Victron Energy System

When you are looking at the screen of your Victron system, you will see two options at the base of the main display: pages and menu. To access your Victron menu, click on the menu option in the bottom right corner of the display.

Victron System Menu

Once you are in the menu, you will find an option labeled "settings." This option shows you all of your current Victron settings and gives you the ability to change them as you see fit.

Setting Up Wi-Fi on Your Victron System

This Wi-Fi setting allows our van techs to look at your system and connect your Victron system to the database.

Victron Wifi Setup

TIP: If you don't have home Wi-Fi, you can use the remote hotspot on your phone to complete this setup step.

Once you have located your "Wi-Fi" settings, click into the option and connect to your chosen Wi-Fi network. Once this setup step is complete, the techs at Off Highway Van will get live updates on your system performance, errors, improvements, and more.

Using The Victron App to Analyze System Performance

To get your Victron performance metrics in real-time on your smartphone, you'll need to download the Victron Connect app. You can use the links below to find your respective app based on your device.

Victron App

Once you have the proper app installed, you will be able to monitor your van's systems in real time using your phone. To start monitoring, go into the app and view your device list. This list should include 2 categories: 'My Devices', and 'Other Devices'.

Under 'My Devices' you will see an option labeled 'Cerbo GX | Last Name of Van.' Click on this option. Once you are on the Cerbo GX details screen, you will see a blue button near the bottom that is labeled 'VRM Online Portal.' Click on this button.

Victron: My Devices

Using The VRM Online Portal

Once you have opened the VRM Online Portal, a browser window ill open and a login screen will appear. This screen will ask for an email address and a passcode.

VRM Online Portal Login

Typically, during your Off Highway Van delivery, we will set up your account for you. If we did not set this up, feel free to register a free account using your chosen login credentials.

VRM Portal Homescreen

Now that you have logged into your VRM Online Portal, the main screen will appear. This screen will walk you through all of the functions of your battery system to ensure all systems are working properly.

VRM Portal Homescreen

The main items to be concerned with on this screen are your van battery percentage, and your current usage metrics. This can be found under your DC Power and AC loads. These details can be found by scrolling down on your home screen.

Victron PV Charge Report

What is PV Charge?

Pictured above, you will see a chart that shows 'PV Charge.' This chart refers to the solar input that is coming into your camper van.

Advanced VRM Portal Settings

Now that you've viewed your standard systems dashboard, you can open the sidebar menu to see your other VRM app functions. Below 'Dashboard' you will see an option labeled 'Advanced.'

NOTE: Advanced settings is mainly used for the technicians here at Off Highway Van.

VRM Portal Advanced Settings

Keeping this in mind, there are some useful data points to be found when you want to get in the weeds and look at your specific systems data.

Using VRM to Control Your Inverter and More

Now that we've gone over your app setup and how to use it, let's turn our attention back to your Victron touch screen and check out some other functions.

VRM Inverter Control

To see more options on your Victron screen, swipe the screen from left to right to reveal other displays. Many of the items displayed are the same data points that are displayed in your VRM app.

AC Mode

To find your AC Mode option, swipe the screen until you are completely to the right-hand side. Near the bottom center, you will see an option labeled 'AC MODE.'

Victron AC Mode

This setting gives you a way to quickly power your inverter on and off without having to open your rear electrical boxes.

NOTE: Your inverter should remain ON as much as possible. It uses very little power.

To turn the inverter off, click the 'AC MODE' button until the OFF option is shown on your Victron screen.

Still Need Help With Your Victron System?

If you are having issues troubleshooting your Victron system, do not hesitate to reach out to the expert service team at Off Highway Van. Our techs are standing by to assist you!


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