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Tech Tips: Using the Wilderness Seat In Your Off Highway Van

When you hop into your first Off Highway Van, you may notice some seating and sleeping arrangements that no other manufacturer is offering: like our ability to seat 7 and sleep 5 in our new Doc Holliday 170 floorplan. These seating and sleeping arrangements are made possible by a very special seating system called the Wilderness Seat: also referred to as the Rambler Seat. This seat allows for multiple configurations of your vans seating and sleeping arrangements so you can be ready for whatever van life throws at you.

Using The Wilderness Seat System

Installing a Wilderness seat in your Off Highway Van can instantly increase the seating and sleeping capacity of your new camper van. However, to take full advantage of this seating system, we've provided some tips on positioning and transitioning your seating system into its different modes.

1. Remove The Headrests From The Seating System

The first step to transition your Wilderness seat from belted seating to a sleeping arrangement, you will need to remove the headrests from the seating system.

Removing Headrests

2. Pull The Lever on the Left Side of the System

Located on the left-hand side of every Wilderness seat, you will find a small lever.

Wilderness Seat Lever

Simply pull up on this lever and lift the seat section toward you to start the sleeping arrangements conversion. Once this step is complete, the seat should look like the image below:

Deploying Wilderness Bed

3. Pull The Lever Under the Seatback

By reaching into the base of the seatback, you will feel a felt bar and from there, will be able to locate an additional lever (see below).

Wilderness Seatback Adjustment

Once you have located the lever, pull up and push the seatback toward the rear of the van to complete the 3rd step in the sleeping arrangement conversion.

4. Deploy the Center Section of Your Seat

To deploy the center section of your Wilderness van seat, grab the side bar located on the left side of the seatback and pull the seatback down toward the ground / front of the van.

Center Section Deployment

This section of your seat will fold flat and become the center of your convertible bed. Once this step is complete, you will be able to dress your new converted bed for your guests and be ready for an evening in the van.

Wilderness Bed Deployed

Ready To Build Your Own Hotel on Wheels?

If you're tired of Air BNB fees, hotel checkout times, and travelling without your gear maybe it's time to consider a van build from Off Highway Van. Contact our expert van builders today to learn more about our models or schedule a shop tour!


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