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Tech Tips: Using The Mod Pod System in Your Davey Jackson Camper Van

When you purchase a Davey Jackson from Off Highway Van, your build will come with a cafe seating area directly behind the driver and passenger seats that we at Off Highway Van have deemed the "Mod Pod." In this video, we'll show you all of the possible conversion options for your Mod Pod system as well as how to alter the configuration of the system.

From Cafe Seating to An Additional Bed

The genius of the Mod Pod system lies in its ability to convert from a cafe seating area during the day to an additional sleeping arrangement at night.

STEP 1: Rotate the Driver's Seat Toward the Rear of the Van

Rotating Drivers Seat

To rotate your driver's seat, you will first need to locate two levers under the drivers seat. The lever on the driver's side (when the seat is facing forward | see below) allows you to rotate the seat. Pull this lever and turn the driver's seat toward the rear of the van.

Drivers Seat Adjustment Levers

The passenger side lever (while the seat is facing forward) allows you to move the seat forward and backward. Once the seat is rotated, use the forward / backward lever to move the driver's seat as close to the steering wheel as possible to give yourself space to swivel your Mod Pod seats.

STEP 2: Remove Headrests and Prepare Mod Pod

Mod Pod Preparation

To begin the process of converting your Mod Pod seats to a sleeping arrangement, you will need to remove the headrests from your 2-passenger Mod Pod seat. Then, you will use the lever under the seat to pull the seat as far as you can toward your van's side door.

STEP 3: Pull the Pin at the Base Of Your Mod Pod Seat

Mod Pod Rotation Pin

At the base of your Mod Pod seat, you will find a bracket with a pin. Pull this pin down to rotate your 2-passenger seat so it faces the front of your van.

As you rotate the seat, you will once again need to use the lever at the base of the seat to push the seat backward in order to clear the rotated driver's seat and finalize the rotation.

Unfold Mod Pod Seat

Your seats should now look like the image above, facing each other with a gap in the center.

STEP 4: Unfold Your Mod Pod Seat

To unfold your Mod Pod seat (with the seat turned toward the front of the van) grab the passenger side lever located on the side of the 2-passenger Mod Pod seat.

Unfold Broad Arrow Seat

While pulling the lever, grab the rear of seat and pull it toward you as shown above. Once the seat is unfolded, use the forward / backward lever on the front of the seat to pull the 2 passenger seating platform flush to the driver's seat.

Flush to Driver's Seat

STEP 5: Lower + Adjust the Backrest of the Seat

Near the seatback on the passenger side, there is a second lever that you can use to lower the seatback of the Mod Pod 2-passenger seat. Pulling this lever allows you to fold the seatback flat.

Lower Mod Pod Backrest

Once the seatback is lowered, you will notice that it does not sit all the way flat simply by using the lever. To fix this spacing, locate the lever at the rear of the Mod Pod Seat (location shown above) and pull the seatback toward the rear of the van.

Mod Pod Bed Configuration

Once this step is complete, your bed should be flush, level, and ready for the evening.

Still Need Help? Our Van Experts Are Standing By

If you're still unsure how to make the systems in your van function, or have additional questions about your Off Highway Van, don't hestitate to reach out to our expert van team.


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