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Naturheit Van Rentals

You may have already discovered this, but in case you missed it… the name Naturheit comes from two German words which translate to “nature” and “freedom” - a perfect pairing to express their mission of helping others immerse in and experience the incredible outdoors with close family and friends. This is a van rental company that’s passionate about making the beauty of nature more accessible and stress-free.

To make these experiences a reality, owners Sandra and Stephan make camper van rental simple, affordable, and memorable through the use of expert travel tips, customer service/rewards, and quality built camper vans (by none other than ourselves here at Off Highway Van).

Past customers have said:

“Owners are fabulous with great communication from day 1… The van is SUPER well-equipped for all kinds of camping. It’s tough to find a van that has 5 seat belts AND can sleep 5 — and still has room for our luggage… The van was an incredible tool and provided incredible memories we will remember forever!

Soren J.

“Incredible rental and camping experience for my family of five. Sandra & Stephan have thought of all the little details when it comes to what you may need while out in the wilderness. The van and all of the extras that come with it are in excellent shape, so you will not find yourself disappointed once you head out on your adventure.”

Derry B.

A quick glance at Naturheit’s website and it’s easy to see how owners Sandra and Stephan go above and beyond to provide the highest quality equipment and support to customers before, during, and after their trip. Being camper van owners themselves, they understand the VanLife learning curve and therefore make themselves responsive and available whenever you need them.

They also understand the difficulties of finding a van which can safely seat and sleep large groups comfortably for an entire trip. All of Naturheit’s floorplans utilize our Doc Holliday layout and are designed to accommodate up to 5 people, with seatbelts, and all within the Mercedes Sprinter 144 wheelbase. Unlike a hefty RV, this smaller agile vehicle has the power to take your whole family to the remote places you crave.

In addition, Naturheit provides you with all the info you need to operate the vehicle and its unique systems. Their website contains numerous articles and detailed instructions about everything from tire pressure to efficient kitchen setup. And the best part is, very little instruction is required due to Off Highway Van’s dialed and intuitive systems designed for easy operation and fatigue-free use. Whether it’s your first time renting a van or you're a van rental veteran, Naturheit provides vehicles that come with low stress and simple procedures that anyone can understand. As a bonus, Naturheit even rewards those customers for following those simple procedures with a $100 Amazon gift card at the conclusion of their trip - not a bad deal.

As previously mentioned, Naturheit’s mission is to create memorable experiences in the wild for you and your loved ones. To achieve that goal, Naturheit turned to a van builder committed to making custom vans capable of exploring any and all terrain - Off Highway Van.

Owners Sandra and Stephan knew before they began they would need van builds capable of withstanding the high demand and constant use of the van rental world as well as the ability to efficiently travel to remote/unique locations. Recognizing our years of experience, professional team, and above all, our durable final product, Naturheit knew they could trust Off Highway Van to provide their customers with an unforgettable experience. We’re proud to partner with a company that is so committed to making the outdoors more accessible and simplified.

Summer is just around the corner! If you’ve been looking for a memorable family vacation, book a Naturheit van today and create an unforgettable experience.

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