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The Doc Holliday: Featured in Business Insider

Business Insider feature of Off Highway Van

Check out the full article on Business Insider. 

COVID-19 has had a tremendous impact on the way we live, but not all have been negative. When it comes to how we travel and vacation, many people have begun exploring new alternatives due to limited international travel. As a result, custom vans have gained a lot of popularity.

One of these vans that have recently received a lot of attention is our very own Doc Holliday. Engineered for families, the custom Sprinter can seat up to 7 people and has become an attractive option for those still hungry for travel during a time when flights are often canceled and hotels are under strict health guidelines. The Doc Holliday allows you and your family the freedom to safely enjoy traveling to your next big adventure by providing a reliable vehicle and comfortable living space.

This floorplan can be built on 144 and 170 Sprinters and is designed to accommodate larger groups and families. The van also includes a 3-4 person bench seat (capable of folding into a second bed), kitchen, and loads of storage space. The kitchen comes with an 80L fridge and functional sink, all supplied by a 57L water tank. Lighting, kitchen appliances, and charging ports are all powered by a 12V integrated electrical system and 2000W inverter. There is also a 180W solar panel system which can be mounted next to an optional skylight window to help bring the outside in.

Custom offroad vans were born out of the desire for adventure and exploration, but now more than ever, they can provide an escape from troubling times. Even more important than the next vacation is our health and well-being and for some of us, the Doc Holliday may be an opportunity to step back, reset, and prepare for what’s next.

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