Off Highway Van: The Davey Jackson

"We knew we needed a shower/toilet combination, an enhanced kitchen, and a van that could operate in a multi-climate environment - all in a 144WB Sprinter. OHV ran with it, and the ‘Davey Jackson’ was born."

- Van Owners John and Michelle

This Van is About Exploring

You’ve probably noticed that we like to name our vans after iconic “Old West” figures. We do this for a few reasons, but mostly because they symbolize what our vans represent: exploration and adventure. The Davey Jackson is no exception.

This design originated when our friends John and Michelle from Jackson, WY were in search of a custom van that was smaller in size and loaded with features. As we went through the design process, we came up with a floor plan that comfortably combines the practicality of the 144” wheelbase Sprinter with add-ons made for long-term excursions like an interior shower. This gave rise to a new, functional layout - The Davey Jackson.

The Floorplan