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OHV Model Highlight: The Davey Jackson

"We knew we needed a shower/toilet combination, an enhanced kitchen, and a van that could operate in a multi-climate environment - all in a 144WB Sprinter. OHV ran with it, and the ‘Davey Jackson’ was born."

- Van Owners John and Michelle

Exploring Offroad With the Comforts of Home

You’ve probably noticed that we like to name our vans after iconic “Old West” figures. We do this for a few reasons, but mostly because they symbolize what our vans represent: exploration and adventure. The Davey Jackson is no exception.

Campervan with a Shower and Toilet from Off Highway Van

This design originated when our friends John and Michelle from Jackson, WY were in search of a custom van that was smaller in size and loaded with features. As we went through the design process, we came up with a floor plan that comfortably combines the practicality of the 144” wheelbase Sprinter with add-ons made for long-term excursions like an interior shower. This gave rise to a new, functional layout - The Davey Jackson.

The Davey Jackson Floorplan

Campervan with a shower and toilet inside from Off Highway Van

If you have seen some of our other builds, the first thing you may notice is its similarity to the Sundance Kid. Both come with a 3-panel bed system, 40” galley, and similar power options.

Sundance Kid vs. Davey Jackson

The difference is the inclusion of a stainless steel shower. This is a great option for heavy traveling, extended trips or, like John and Michelle, full-season skiers. It provides convenience and privacy throughout the year and especially during the cold winter months and insulated shower lines prevent line freezing or damage. Future models will even include our newly designed pop-top shower which transforms into more counter space when not in use.

The interior shower and toilet also help lengthen trip duration and possibilities by eliminating the hassle of stops at local gyms or gas stations to use the facilities. That means with the right power setup and sufficient water supply, you can stay off the grid for days, even weeks at a time.

Campervan with a shower and toilet inside from Off Highway Van

The van is also equipped with a 110L fridge, under-mounted sink, and 40” Galley opposite the shower, on the passenger side. To provide more comfort during the hotter months, John and Michelle also upgraded to an undermounted 12V Pro-Air system. While the layout is somewhat tighter on space, there is still comfortable seating and sleeping for two and a tuck-away step ladder provides direct access to the cargo area making the entire van easily accessible. Additionally, the whole van can also be upgraded to our 4-season package for year-round travel and fun.

Power and Overlanding Upgrades

Campervan with a shower and toilet inside from Off Highway Van

John and Michelle are serious travelers so they took advantage of the many upgrades available with the Davey Jackson. Beginning at the bottom, John and Michelle upgraded to a set of Dura Trac tires, and Dark Star Offroad Dirt Logic shocks, to provide greater ride satisfaction. Because these vans are designed as delivery vehicles, driving over every terrain can be dangerous. Adding upgrades to your suspension and tires protects your van while simultaneously broadening your range of travel destinations.

When it comes to power, the van gets most of it’s juice from 360W roof-mounted solar panels, a 3000W inverter, and a 5kWh lithium battery pack - plenty of power for several days.

This was an upgrade from the base build which includes 200W solar panels and a 2.5 lithium battery pack which is still a great option for the more modest traveler.

Campervan with a shower and toilet inside from Off Highway Van

Finally, in order to maximize space and comfort, we recommend upgrading our Dark Star Offroad HALO roof rack. Even with the solar panels, the rack still covers two-thirds of the roof which is plenty of room for a rooftop tent, a cargo box or two, or anything else that can be safely strapped down.

When combined with the Rhino-lined cargo area, passenger’s can easily transport and store bikes, skis, climbing gear, clothes, supplies, and more.

Start Exploring

Campervan with a shower and toilet inside from Off Highway Van

It’s unlikely that you’re a fur trader like Davey Jackson but if you’re in search of a custom van there’s a good chance you possess the same contagious spirit of exploration. Many vans will easily allow you to get away but the Davey Jackson (like many of our models) is about discovery. There’s a lot of new places, experiences, friendships, and more to discover out there. If you’re looking to start a new chapter, the Davey Jackson could be right for you.


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