Comfy, modular, customizable, & adaptable to your current circumstances. No other Sprinter van bed comes close the versatility of OHV's in-house design.


Build Features

Three panel aluminum platform

Three removable panels lock in-place to create the stability you need for a good nights sleep.

4" thick cushions

Three individual 4" thick cushions are matched to the panel sizes to create a functionally-seamless mattress. 

Stow-able front panel

Space-saving design allows the front panel to be stowed and locked in-place under the middle panel; allowing room for more storage and larger items.

Convertible to bench seat-back

The front panel also has a tip-down design feature that quickly becomes the bench seat backrest when combined with a seating package like our Split-Decision floorplan.


All three panels are constructed of light weight aluminum framing and are collapsible via lightweight gas strut to make room for hauling large items i.e. motorcycle or transporting household appliances. 

Custom fabrics

When it comes to personalizing your bed OHV gives you a multitude of fabric options and color choices to match your preferred interior decor.