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What Are Camper Vans Used For? The Sky’s The Limit!

Off Highway Van High Quality Materials

Think of your OHV camper van as a super agile travel vehicle that is powered up to go far more places and open the door to far more experiences than a traditional RV. Built on an AWD Mercedes chassis with OHV suspension and drivetrain upgrades, an Off Highway Van is a luxury cabin on wheels that you can use to explore an endless variety of outdoor places. The beauty of a van is the instant accessibility it gives you for adventure; whether you have a weekend, a week, or a couple months. Just load up and hit the road. The uses are about as wide as your imagination.

Relaxing In Beautiful Places

Off Highway Van High Quality Construction

Many people use our adventure vans to tour National Parks and to get into other areas of public land where they can unwind in the beauty of nature. These people might camp alongside their favorite mountain river, explore the desert canyons in the Southwest, or park for the night on an unpopulated stretch of beach by the ocean. And from their van, they often love to hike, fly fish, or cruise a glassy lake on a paddle board—always followed by a great meal with an even better view.

A Basecamp For Getting After It

Other customers of Off Highway Van love to use their camper vans as mobile basecamps to pursue outdoor sports in all seasons. With the off-road ability of an OHV van, these owners get into the wild to mountain bike, climb, ski, trail run, snowboard, surf and kayak. Trips to Moab and Baja are common, and in winter they can be found sleeping in ski area parking lots. They love to go fast in nature, and their van gets them there and provides a base of operations in which to get clean, fuel up on needed calories, and sleep comfortably to be ready for tomorrow’s adventure. Their motto: Play Dirty, Sleep Clean.

Driving Off-Road To Get Off-Grid

Sprinter Ride Control Kit

Getting far off-grid and into places that are on the other side of more technical terrain is one of the priorities for some of our customers. The advanced off-road capability of an OHV van is the fun for these people. The camping is important for sure, but these van owners also love navigating rough terrain to get into the most remote places they can find on the map.

Daily Transport When Not Adventuring

Off Highway Van Systems

With our Doc Holliday and it’s 3-person passenger seat that converts to a second bed, the van isn’t limited to its main purpose of exploring with family and friends. When you aren’t on an adventure, you can even use your camper van for the daily need to move your family around town, take a day trip to your favorite ski area, or haul a pack of kids to soccer practice.

To start your custom camper van build, get in touch with the expert van builders at Off Highway Van.


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