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Model Feature: The Sundance Kid

The Sundance Kid is our most versatile and popular adventure van build.

The Sundance Kid: The Remote Basecamp

If you’re more of a solo traveler, or you travel with a partner, the Sundance Kid is the perfect model to meet your needs. With the ability to sleep 2-4 and sleep 2-4 the Sundance Kid has the gear storage you need without using up valuable space with extra seating and sleeping arrangements. We like to think of this model as your mobile basecamp for all your outdoor adventures. With ample storage for all your gear and an, “everything you need, nothing you don’t” design approach, the Sundance is the remote worker and the solo travelers’ dream. 

What Makes the Sundance Kid Unique?

The Sundance Kid comes standard with our OHV sleeper sofa. At the foot of the master bed, this floor plan features café seating that converts to a second bed. 

The Sundance Kid features a galley behind the driver, space-optimizing OHV cabinets, and the Sleeper Sofas. Keep it open to stretch out in the backcountry or add up to two additional captain’s chairs to bring more people along for the fun.  

By day, this area of the adventure van is perfect for reading a book, hanging out after a ride, enjoying cocktail hour, or even firing up the laptop if necessary. By night, deploy the bed on those excursions shared with others. For an added benefit for those who need to manage ample adventure gear, additional storage is integrated under each bench seat.

Start Building Your Sundance Kid Today!

Ready to build your very own Sundance Kid? Contact the expert van builders at Off Highway Van today!


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