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Products We Appreciate: Alpine Mechanisms Seat Swivels

Swivels in your Campervan from Off Highway Van

When it comes to maximizing every inch of space within an adventure van conversion - one often overlooked piece is the front driver's and passenger's seats. Incorporating a swivel unit into the seat can instantly change the feel of your galley into a true base camp that's perfect for hanging out in at the campsite or trailhead.

While some vans do come with factory swivels, not all vans are so lucky. Alpine Mechanisms - with a long history of high quality automotive work - came up with a sleek solution that we truly appreciate and utilize here at Off Highway Van in our van build outs.

Swivels in your Custom Campervan from Off Highway Van

"Alpine Mechanisms is great to work with. They're car guys - so they get it - and it shows in the quality of the product. The fact that these are made just one state over from us in Colorado is a cool benefit that we can appreciate."

Product Manager, AJ Turner of OHV

Working seamlessly with the electronics of the van and the heating system we install - the swivels take up no additional room, and add more useable seating space within the van.

Swivels in your custom campervan Off Highway Van

Whether you're building a custom van with OHV that doesn't have factory swivels, or you're looking for an easy addition to your current van - be sure to check out Alpine Mechanisms for seat swivel solutions.


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