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Get started with this floorplan and customize to make your own adventure. 

The most optimized Sprinter or Transit van feature set for a 170” wheelbase platform. With an extra roomy build-out to accommodate your family, friends, and gear, it features extra seating, lounging, and a shower.


Gallery photos may reflect upgrades to initial core build package


Who's it for?

The Calamity Jane Mercedes Sprinter or Ford Transit van-build from OHV takes the foundation from our other popular builds, and applies it to the XL platform of the 170” wheelbase van. But, what good’s the extra space if it isn’t used appropriately? We took advantage of the extra space and developed 170” wheelbase-specific floorpans. These unique arrangements give owners (and their lucky friends & family!) the ability to do things like: host more people for dinner with a larger galley kitchen and table option; have more privacy by incorporating a shower and bathroom indoors; store more gear or provisions for longer trips; seat more people safely while driving; remain off the grid longer with larger solar charge capability; incorporate more light and fresh air with additional skylights, windows, vents, and fans. The Calamity Jane build is to Mercedes Sprinter or Ford Transit Vans, what the SUV is to a standard sedan. You can point to platform similarities but at the end of the day the Calamity Jane provides more useful potential by being purposely thought-out from front-to-back for a more enjoyable experience for all.


Starting Build Cost:


Prices reflective of initial build cost. Does not include the cost of the van itself.

Only the "Spur" model includes van cost due to options. 

Van Build Time:

6 weeks

Ready to build a van on this floorplan or just have questions? 

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