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WeBoost and WiFi Ranger

Staying connected on the road or trail is important. We're seeing just about everyone ask for WiFi in their camper van, whether they plan on working or not. Being connected to the internet is such a huge part of daily life. Couples love it for the ability to work, and we see a lot of families utilize it as a way to keep their kids entertained.

Work remote in your campervan from Off Highway Van

Most of our clients build out vans that enable a longer extended weekend or multiple week long period on the road. The van is utilized throughout the week while telecommuting can happen on the road. Travelers feel more comfortable leaving on a Thursday or Friday with the ability to work on the road, and have more time to fully enjoy their Saturday and Sunday with their family or loved ones.

Systems like WeBoost and WiFi Ranger work great for boosting existing cell tower signals, or WiFi signals. Both of these systems are effective on their own, as well as together - but they work slightly differently.

WeBoost works as a system to boost an existing cell phone tower. This is useful if you’re boondocking in town, or just outside of town. The antenna seeks out existing cell tower signals, and then uses a booster to give your cell phones greater range.

WiFi Ranger is a system to boost existing WiFi signals. This is useful if your phone can be utilized as a hotspot, or similar devices are used to create a WiFi hotspot like a MiFi device. The external antenna allows you to use any WiFi enabled device outside of the van, and then gives that device a stronger connection.

Stay connected, work remote in your campervan from Off Highway Van

Utilized together, the WeBoost and WiFi Ranger can be a strong combination to provide the best connection possible to the internet. Using a WeBoost to pull down stronger cell tower power for your device, then utilizing the WiFi Ranger to boost that WiFi signal as strong as possible for multiple streaming devices.

Overall - Our adventure van builds with either of these options allow for work on the road, or a partial work day from the parking lot of a ski resort on a good powder day.

Work from the ski resort parking lot in your campervan from Off Highway Van

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