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Top Van Accessories of 2022

With so many unique and fun builds over the course of 2022, we get to see some of the most popular additions that everyone can add to their van builds. These simple accessories can completely transform your van utility and open possibilities into more storage, easier work-remote stations, and clever ways to haul all of the fun gear and toys you need in wilderness and backcountry. If you're interested in any one of these accessories or additions - don't hesitate to get in touch with the OHV experts!

Ski and Snowboard Racks

This addition is a no brainer, right? A campervan makes ski trips or alpine-start backcountry tours tremendously easier and more convenient, giving yourself a comfortable place to change, get ready - or even cook a quick breakfast before hitting the skin-track and slopes. Stow your skis and snowboard inside the van, safely with this accessory.

Aluminum Overhead Shelves

Often, an overlooked part of the van that can significantly increase your storage capacity. Stow away your maps, bags, window shades, or anything that you might need quicker access to while out on the road with our Aluminum Overhead Shelf.

B-Pillar Lagun Table Mounts

You've made it to the best campsite ever - now, it's time to turn the swivel chair, set-up your Lagun table, and enjoy that morning coffee or night-time libation with a view out of your sliding door. Add this B-Pillar mount and transform your passenger swivel chair into a mobile work-station or chill-zone with this very usable table mount.

ROAM Storage Boxes

The top of your van is a great place to stow away camping gear, recreational gear, or anything that doesn't necessarily need to sit inside of the van. These durable and rugged boxes from ROAM Adventure Co. are solid and mount cleanly to our roof racks.

Dark Star Offroad Steps

When we lift these 4x4 Sprinter vans (Transits and ProMasters too!) and put bigger wheels and tires on them - the initial step up into the van becomes higher and a bit tougher to get into.

Giving yourself a nice, sturdy step that's durable is an often overlooked but very appreciated addition.

Fly Rod / Fishing Rod Holsters

When we first set out making camper vans, we geared our designs towards outdoorsy people who want to utilize the van as their mobile basecamp for getting out into the wilderness to enjoy their recreational sport of choice. Fishing is no exception to this, and providing a holster for fly-fishermen or just fishing enthusiasts in general is a must.

Looking for More Custom Options For Your Van?

The team at Off Highway Van have been building custom camper vans since 2016 and have helped 100's of people just like you build their dream van. Ready to get started on your own van build? Contact the OHV experts today!


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