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Unlocking Efficiency: The 'Split-Decision' System for Off Highway Vans

Embarking on a journey in a camper van is an adventure filled with freedom and open spaces. Yet, in the confined space of a your dream van, every square inch counts.

Enter the 'Split-Decision' system - a transformative solution designed to optimize space efficiency in Off Highway Van camper vans, seamlessly combining a bed, a café-style seat, and ample storage into one ingenious design.

Witness the Split Decision Transformation

Curious to see the 'Split-Decision' system in action? Watch the video below to experience its seamless transitions and innovative design features. From its space-saving solutions to its user-friendly functionality, you'll quickly understand why this system is a game-changer for camper van enthusiasts.

Versatility = Space

Life on the road demands flexibility, and the 'Split-Decision' system delivers just that. Whether you're traversing mountain passes or cruising along coastal highways, this multifunctional furniture setup adapts to your needs, offering the versatility required for a life on wheels.

Exploring the Split Decision Features

Let's take a closer look at what makes the 'Split-Decision' system a game-changer for camper van living:

  1. Bed and Café-Style Seat Combo: Space is a precious commodity in a camper van, and the 'Split-Decision' system maximizes every inch. By seamlessly transitioning from a comfortable café-style seat to a cozy bed, you can effortlessly switch between lounging and sleeping modes, all without sacrificing comfort or convenience.

  2. Ample Storage Solutions: In a compact living space, clutter can quickly become overwhelming. That's why the 'Split-Decision' system prioritizes storage, offering ample room to stow away your belongings. From kitchen essentials to outdoor gear, there's a designated space for everything, ensuring your camper van stays organized and clutter-free.

  3. Convenient Garage Passthrough: Accessing your gear shouldn't be a hassle, especially when you're on the go. With the 'Split-Decision' system's garage passthrough feature, retrieving your essentials is a breeze. Whether you're grabbing hiking boots for a trail adventure or fishing rods for a day on the water, you can easily access your gear without disrupting your living space.

Journey Efficiently

In the world of camper van living, efficiency is key. With the 'Split-Decision' system, you can unlock the full potential of your space, allowing you to focus on what truly matters - the journey ahead. Say goodbye to compromise and hello to the freedom of versatile living with the 'Split-Decision' system in your camper van.

Build Your Own Off Highway Van

Want to take your adventure van journeys to the next level? Check out our custom van options and schedule a shop tour to start your Off Highway Van build.


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