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How to Build the Perfect Camper Van

We get it, the van selection process can be quite a road block to get past. It's easily the most stressful part of the process and can really deter a lot of folks from getting their dream adventure rig. Luckily, here at Off Highway Van, we're eager to help you through this process and even eliminate the hurdles.

Wheelbase Options

  • 144" Wheel Base: The shortest wheel base platform. AWD chassis.

  • 170" Wheel Base: The longest wheel base platform. AWD chassis

1. What is Your Use Case?

Not everyone has the exact same agenda, which means everyone should NOT have the exact same campervan. The big questions you need to ask: How many people are you looking to bring? Where are you planning on driving? What are the main activities you plan on doing with the van? What's your demand on hauling gear?

Let's dive deeper into these questions below:

2. How Many Seating + Sleeping Arrangements Are Needed?

By far, the 170 offers the most space and will give you roughly 3 extra feet compared to the Sprinter 144. Even though a couple additional feet may not feel like a lot, it will go a long way in who and what you can haul in your van.

On average, our Off Highway Van 170 builds can fit an average of 2-4 more people compared to our 144 models. This question can sometimes be the only determining factory when choosing your new van. Please see the article linked here on the perfect family hauler design.

For reference, our floor plans have the following seating and sleeping arrangements:

3. Where are You Planning to Travel?

It has been agreed that driving a 170 around a big city is a bit tricky. While it's possible, the Sprinter 144 makes for easier city driving and fitting into normal parking spaces sufficient for a standard truck. The Sprinter 144 also has the upper hand when it comes to Off-Road capability or driving on rough paved roads as it's shorter, which allows for easier clearance.

4. What Activities Will You Use Your Van For Most?

The best part of an adventure campervan is that it makes your recreational activities easier. It takes you out into the backcountry where you want to go with your gear, and makes for a great basecamp to prep for your mountain bike rides, trail runs, or ski tours. Similarly, it's a great hang-out spot at the trailhead for those after activity refreshments with your friends or family.

A 170 chassis certainly has the capability to haul more gear and friend's gear - but a 144 can be configured and engineered to haul bikes and ski gear too.

Fortunately - we're big outdoor enthusiasts here at OHV too, and have plenty of experience in helping you set up your van for your favorite adventure activities.

5. What Are Your Gear Space Requirements?

As a company that put's a preference on using your van to be off-road and off-grid capable in the outdoors, we put an importance on gear hauling. Depending on what you are deciding to bring in the van can affect your decision on wheel base. Here at Off Highway Van we are very engineering based and can really make any wheel base side fit to your needs, but it truly comes to down to comfortability while having all your gear. Something to think strongly about.

Build Your Dream Van with Off Highway Van

No matter what the decision, getting a new camper van is never a bad one. It just takes a little patience and time to track down the perfect rig. Weighing the factors and figuring out what works best for you is the most important step to the process. If you are short on time, no need to stress. Here at Off Highway Van we offer a van concierge service where you will work with one of our representatives to find you the perfect van for your OHV build. Reach out and start the process today!


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