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How Much Weight Can Camper Vans Tow?

At Off Highway Van, a frequent question we get from our customers is whether they can tow some of their favorite toys with their van. Recently, we took our Doc Holliday 144 camper van and a 3500lb Airstream trailer up to the foothills of Bountiful to test and were pleasantly surprised with both the towing capability on and off highway.

Towing Capability: Standard
Camper Van Towing Capacity

Not only do OHV camper vans tow, they have greater capacity than other vans on average. Our Sprinter camper van conversions come standard with a hitch receiver and are rated to tow between 5,000 and 7,000 lbs. from Mercedes. Then the uniquely engineered interior construction from Off Highway Van optimizes the van’s towing capacity by reducing weight.

Built Light For Enhanced Towing

One of the primary design objectives in our van engineering and fabrication is maximum weight reduction.

Ultralight Contstruction

We achieve this by breaking with the conventional use of wood and by crafting our interior components like cabinetry and wall panels out of aluminum and aluminum composites. This saves us an average of 1,000 lbs. compared to other vans in the market. In addition to improving gas mileage and off-road performance, OHV’s lightweight construction allows you to tow more weight.

Bring Your Favorite Toys
Camper Van Towing Motorcycles

OHV customers are often outdoor enthusiasts that need to haul motocross bikes, snowmobiles, and boats. With our lightweight construction that optimizes the towing power of the Mercedes Sprinter chassis, we make sure they can enjoy nature however they like.

To start your custom camper van build, get in touch with the expert van builders at Off Highway Van.


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