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Cirque Series 2022

Once again, we partnered up with the Cirque Series trail running race for 2022. A truly fun and unique trail running event and experience - it's grown and expanded to not just events in Utah and Colorado - but now internationally, too.

We were in full force at the Brighton, Snowbird, and Alta events providing volunteer support, aid station support, and getting the chance to show off our campervan builds down in the vendor village.

Off Highway Van at the Cirque Series 2022

So many of our customers, and even employees, absolutely love these mountain #pushpeaks trail runs, and it's exactly the type of event and person we build a van for - those who play hard in the wilderness.

Off Highway Van at the Cirque Series 2022

For the entire race series - we provided additional support in the form of flag markers, helping to make sure racers stay on course.

Off Highway Van at Cirque Series 2022
Photo Courtesy of Matouldor

2022 marked another fun year of heckling racers, providing support, and hanging out with like-minded mountain people. Check out the series, and we'll be back again for next year.

Off Highway Van at Cirque Series 2022


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