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Are Custom Camper Vans Worth The Investment?

OHV Custom Camper Vans

With starting prices at $160,000, OHV camper vans are certainly a significant investment. And with OHV’s wide range of custom options for those who want to tailor their van to their personal needs and tastes, the final cost can run higher.

But in talking with our family of owners, the consensus is that their van is one of best quality-of-life investments they have ever made.

For many owners, an off-road and off-grid capable van opens up an almost endless possibility of adventure choices. It gives them a hop-in-and-go escape into the wilderness, whether the trip is for a day or two, weeks or months; in other words, an expansion of personal freedom to explore how they like. With a van, there is no need to lock into one location as you do with an Airbnb and there is no reason to worry about campground reservations. As one OHV customer put it, it’s like having a vacation home you can take wherever you want. It’s hard to put a price tag on this kind of freedom.

Off-Road and Off-Grid Freedom

Off-Grid Camper Van

Compared with conventional RVs, adventure vans with OHV-upgraded suspension add value by giving you a far wider range of places to enjoy nature. Of course, you can enjoy the relaxation and beauty of National Park campgrounds in a camper van and many of our customers do. But if you are interested in accessing more uncommon and remote campsites on public land that require off-road driving, an Off Highway Van can take you places that an RV cannot. And these locations are some of the most stunning and peaceful that you can discover. Another added value over RVs is that when you aren’t on the road adventuring, you can use your camper van for daily family transport or for day trips to local trailheads, lakes, and ski areas.

A Basecamp For Getting After It

Mobile Basecamp

For our more active customers, the main value of their investment in their van is that it provides a mobile basecamp for their passion for outdoor sports. Whether they park it in the mountains, on the beach or near a river, the van serves as a base of operations for their active pursuits. You’ll often find these people escaping from the constraints of urban and suburban life to ski, climb, mountain bike, surf, snowboard, trail run, and more. After a day chasing fun on foot, two wheels or metal edges, these people have the creature comforts of a bed, kitchen, heat and shower instead of crawling into a tent and zipping up a sleeping bag.

Long-Lasting Investment

Custom Van Interior

An OHV van is also an investment that stands up to years of adventure travel. With a background in automotive engineering, we construct nearly all of our interior architecture out of aluminum and aluminum composites instead of wood products like the vast majority of van builders. In addition to important weight savings, our approach creates a more durable van that can handle the rigors of off-road travel and a life of repeatedly hauling gear in and out of vans. We are so confident in the way we build camper vans that we’re the only company with a lifetime craftsmanship warranty.

And another reason that camper vans from Off Highway Van are a great investment is that they hold value better than average vehicles. With the combination of the Mercedes Sprinter chassis and the quality of the OHV build, after years of use, your van will retain much of its original value.

Worth It

Custom Camper Van Value

So, if you value grab-and-go access to the outdoors, the discovery of unique places that rarely see the masses of tourists, or high-speed adventures in wilderness places, an OHV van is an investment that has a huge personal ROI. And with the proven durability of an OHV van coupled, it is one that will be there for the long haul.

To start your custom camper van build, get in touch with the expert van builders at Off Highway Van.


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