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Get started with this floorplan and customize to make your own adventure. 


Gallery photos may reflect upgrades to initial core build package


Who's it for?

The High Plains Drifter is our extended wheelbase van buildout floor plan for those who enjoy hosting and providing, while also acknowledging their own personal creature comfort preferences. Suitable for either the Mercedes Benz Sprinter 170” or Ford Transit 148” Extended Chassis, this build features very modular seating and sleeping options, as well as an internal shower. When the weather turns south, bring the campfire-crew and your friends inside with multiple seating options and a rear bed that flips back, transforming into café style benches below. The rear pass-through garage makes it easier to bring all of your gear along for a true adventure, and the privacy of an indoor shower allows you a chance to rinse off after each expedition out into the wilderness.


Starting Build Cost:


Prices reflective of initial build cost. Does not include the cost of the van itself.

Only the "Spur" model includes van cost due to options. 

Van Build Time:

6-8 weeks

Ready to build a van on this floorplan or just have questions? 

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