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OHV Best Builds of 2020

Adventure Rig from Off Highway Van

(Photo credit to our customer, Brett Kirby)

As we all know, 2020 was full of challenges. But in spite of the obstacles of last year, we have produced some of our best work. The difficulties pushed our creativity and brought in some of the most outstanding customers we've ever had. The majority of these vans were designed with the intent to "get away" and "escape" for a while, but each contained unique, individualized features for different types of adventures. Here’s a quick look back at some of our best builds of 2020.

Gary and Elizabeth’s Sundance Kid

Adventure Rig from Off Highway Van

Gary and Elizabeth quickly became some of our favorite customers which made building their van even more special. Aside from being one of the most adorable couples on planet earth, both Gary and Elizabeth are golf enthusiasts who were looking for an easy way to travel around the country and pursue their passion. With that in mind, this van was designed to comfortably fit the two of them and protect their golf equipment. This meant making some modifications to our standard floor plans.

Custom campervan from Off Highway Van

To give our customers what they were looking for, we switched the 130L Isotherm fridge and 40”galley from the usual driver's side to the passenger side. This allowed for a 6 drawer dresser with an all-quartz countertop to conveniently fit rear of the driver giving the interior more storage space and a homey feel.

We also decided to upgrade to a 400W solar panel system and 410AH lithium batteries, to supply all their power needs. The van also featured a toilet installed in the rear and a power awning mounted on the outside of the van to extend comfort to the exterior.

Custom campervan for golfers from Off Highway Van

Additionally, a specially designed vertical cargo space fit with Rhino Lined panels was placed in the rear for easy access to clubs and equipment. Gary and Elizabeth love their new vehicle and have already taken a few trips! The couple also runs a blog to keep everyone updated on their adventures, and we’re excited to see where they take their new ride.

Riggs’ 170 Calamity Jane

Custom Campervan from Off Highway Van

Each OHV build is totally customizable. Customers tell us what they're looking for and then we bring that vision to life. So when our good friend James came to us looking for a vehicle that could easily stow and transport dirt bikes, we were stoked about making something we've never made before. He and his wife are both big motocross fans and wanted something that could carry them and their bikes to racing competitions and weekend getaways. This was a new challenge for us that produced an incredible build.

Beginning with the bikes and the cargo area, removable bed panels and a ramp were installed for easy loading and unloading. And storage space was converted to overhead carriers mounted on L-tracks in the ceiling which provided space for an on-board air compressor to quickly pump up tires on the go.

Moto hauling Campervan from Off Highway Van

Getting to the perfect dirt bike trails can mean traveling over some rough terrain, which is why this build came with a set of KO2 tires, Foxshoxs, an Owl Van Hammerhead brushguard and Warn Zeon 12,000lb winch. Additionally, James and his wife decided to upgrade to our Four Seasons Package which includes internal and heated plumbing to prevent freezing, a Rixen heating system, a 30 gal. water tank, and double insulated walls. The couple is prepared for just about anything.

Some other upgrades included a 400W solar panel system, Skylight, Owl rack, ladder and tire carrier, 50” LED light bar plus flood lights on each side, powder-coated roof rack, rear trailer hitch, ski rack on interior cargo wall, and versatile Lagun table. Needless to say, this van had it all.

Custom Campervan Adventure Rig from Off Highway Van

Off Highway Van’s floorplans can be modified to fit inside various van sizes and even different makes and models. For example, the Sundance Kid isn’t just for the Mercedes Sprinter, it is also compatible with the Ford Transit and RAM Promaster. When it came to James’ van, the larger 170 Sprinter worked perfectly but the floorplan required a little more room for his bikes and gear. As a result, one of our larger, family-style models, the Calamity Jane, turned out to be the best fit.

Cullen’s 144 Doc Holiday

Custom Campervan Adventure Rig from Off Highway Van

Looking for a floorplan made to fit the entire family? Many people want a vehicle that can accommodate parents and children (maybe even a dog or two) but don’t like the size or style of an RV. Off Highway Van’s Doc Holiday is designed to seat and comfortably sleep 5 people, and is just one reason why it has become so popular.

Additional Seating in Campervan from Off Highway Van

Last year, our friend Cullen came to us with plans to take his wife and kids all across the country. He and his family are big adventurers and do a little bit of everything, that’s why this build came with a Low Pro roof rack, sliding bike tray, and even an exterior shower. Foxshox, 200W solar panels, and our winterization package were also included to give Cullen the option of taking his family on fun vacations off-grid.

In addition to the rugged 4x4 features, Cullen and his wife wanted to make sure that the van felt cozy and a little bit like home. They decided to go with a more contemporary color scheme of tweed gray, rust orange, and lonpearl black complemented by a solid walnut countertop in the galley. Together these elements help bring the feeling of family and home wherever they decide to go.

Jim and Dawn’s Sundance Kid

Custom Campervan Adventure Rig from Off Highway Van