Truly let the outside in with this beautiful addition to your Sprinter adventure van roof that makes no compromises in functionality or aesthetics.

Please Note - Skylight can only be installed as part of a full build.
Item not sold or installed as a stand-alone. 


Build Features

Huge 3' x 5' Vista

With a bigger window area than skylights commonly found in homes, the 36" x 60" viewing area leaves nothing to the imagination and allows ample light in from the sun (or moon!). 

Quick-throw Insulating Cover

Included in every install is the heat-insulating black-out window cover that not only keeps heat in during cold winter nights, but also keeps the cabin cool (and sun out) during hot summer days.

Non-intruding Installation

OHV has roof configurations that allow for sleek over-bed lighting, ceiling vent/fans, and ample solar panel capacity integrated efficiently for a no-compromises package. 

Automotive-grade Safety

Glass constructed of automotive-specific safety glass purpose-built for passenger vehicle applications. 

Quality Skylight Construction

Skylight manufactured by Caleche USA and integrated into passenger vehicles for tourism applications.