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Talking Camper Van Innovation With Go Small Live Large!

Recently, we got the opportunity to sit down with Scott from Go Small, Live Large and discuss everything from van lifts to innovations in the camper van space. We brought together a wealth of expertise to delve into the cutting-edge innovations reshaping the camper van industry. From revolutionary design concepts to advanced technological integrations, we gave viewers an exclusive glimpse into the forefront of camper van innovation. Check out the video above to explore the latest trends, innovations, and practical solutions transforming the way we travel and live on the road.

Sprinter & ProMaster Suspension

Talking Suspension, Lifts, and More

During the expert discussion on the Ram ProMaster and Mercedes Sprinter suspension systems, several key points emerged. We noted that while both vehicles offer adequate suspension setups for camper vans, there are nuanced differences. The Ram ProMaster tends to prioritize on-road performance with lower clearance, making it more appealing for urban environments and frequent stop-and-go traffic scenarios.

Conversely, the Mercedes Sprinter's suspension is often praised for its robustness and stability, especially when navigating rough terrain. The Sprinter's suspension architecture tends to offer better weight distribution and stability at higher speeds, making it a preferred choice for long, offroad journeys and diverse road conditions.

The OHV Sundance Kid

Featured: The Sundance Kid

We were also able to share our Sundance Kid floorplan with the Go Small Live Large audience. We showed off our cabinet materials, galley configuration, seating functions and more. We also went over our overall van build specs including our ultralight aluminum wall panel construction, tech features and more! This model is purpose built for the explorers that only need space to seat and sleep 2-3 and need more room for gear.

OHV Limited Slip Differential

Limited Slip: Maximum Grip

Once we talked van layout and features, we switched gears to performance offroad capability. Off Highway Van's Limited Slip Differential (LSD) stands out as a game-changer and one of the most important upgrades you can make to your offroad camper van. Designed to enhance traction, maneuverability, and overall performance, the LSD offers a myriad of benefits for those embarking on journeys beyond the beaten path.

Enhanced Traction

At the heart of Off Highway Van's LSD lies its ability to maximize traction across challenging surfaces. Whether navigating through sandy deserts, rocky trails, or slippery slopes, the LSD ensures power distribution to the wheels with the most grip, minimizing slippage and maintaining momentum even in adverse conditions. This enhanced traction empowers drivers to conquer terrains that would otherwise be daunting, unlocking new realms of exploration and adventure.

Improved Stability

Stability is paramount when traversing uneven terrain and unpredictable landscapes. Off Highway Van's LSD plays a pivotal role in promoting stability by evenly distributing torque between the vehicle's wheels. This feature mitigates the risk of wheel spin and loss of control, allowing drivers to maneuver confidently through obstacles and inclines while maintaining stability and control over their vehicle.

Optimized Offroad Performance

Off Highway Van's LSD is engineered to optimize performance across a spectrum of off-road scenarios. Whether ascending steep gradients, descending rugged slopes, or negotiating tight turns, the LSD ensures that power is efficiently transmitted to the wheels, enabling seamless transitions and responsive handling. This optimized performance not only enhances the driving experience but also instills a sense of confidence and reliability in the vehicle's capabilities.

Increased Versatility

Off Highway Van's LSD enhances the versatility of off-road vehicles, enabling them to tackle diverse terrains and environmental conditions with ease. From snow-covered mountains to muddy trails, the LSD adapts to varying traction requirements, providing drivers with the flexibility to explore a multitude of landscapes without compromising performance or safety. This versatility opens doors to new adventures and expands the horizons of off-road exploration.

Enhanced Safety

Above all, Off Highway Van's LSD prioritizes safety, offering drivers peace of mind as they embark on off-road escapades. By minimizing wheel slippage and promoting stability, the LSD reduces the likelihood of accidents and mishaps, ensuring that occupants remain safe and secure throughout their journey. Whether traversing remote wilderness or rugged backcountry, the LSD serves as a reliable ally, safeguarding both vehicle and passengers against the challenges of off-road travel.

Off Highway Van

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