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Off Highway Van


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4 Weeks

Dodge RAM ProMasters are the foundation and beginnings of OHV. While already a dependable base van, our years of experience as van builders have contributed to a very dialed and quality process to ensure you receive a build-out specifically designed around usability and adventure. Combined with a price point that is more value-focused, needless to say, the RAM Promaster van conversions are some of our favorites.


Why should you build an OHV RAM ProMaster?

Van conversions have grown immensely in popularity and as a result, finding a base van can be difficult. By selecting one of our pre-built Promaster builds, you can expect to hit the road in your newly converted van in approximately 6-8 months. The RAM Promaster comes with several suspension and build upgrades. The options list is focused and directed at getting you comfortably into campground plug-ins at National parks or long weekend stint in the desert faster. ​Customers will be able to choose from a few different colors and textures to make the van fit their style. 


In our opinion, the RAM Promaster is a little underrated. It comes with a comfortable ride and a reliable engine and while its suspension isn’t initially as durable as its Mercedes rival, OHV offers its very own 3” Lift Kit, Ride Control Package, and other overlanding upgrades like Brush Guards and Sumo Springs to quickly make this van much more off-road capable. Please contact us for more details.

Ready to build your OHV ProMaster? Contact us to get started.

Off Highway Van Ram ProMaster
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