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The 4 Questions You Should Ask Your Van Builder

Off Highway Van Builders

We get it - the process of finding a van builder and outfitter can be a bit daunting. There’s different van platforms to start from, a laundry list of features to choose from, and nearly endless combinations that fit different needs and requirements from you and your adventures.

Van Building Experience

1. What’s Their Experience?

Here at OHV, we’ve been building vans for quite some time - since 2016, to be more exact. We’ve established best practices for our different build platforms, your needs, and have honed our craftsmanship over the years. Our founder and owner comes from decades of experience in the automotive industry, and knows the complexities of vehicle engineering and construction. As of 2021 - we have built nearly 100 vans, and the experience shows.

2. What’s the Warranty?

We’re proud of our work - and it shows. We also stand behind it. The warranty covers craftsmanship and anything installed by OHV for life. This includes systems such as solar, electric, HVAC, and water.

We're also humans, however, and we understand the nuances of van ownership and life out on the trail and road. If you ever have any questions - no matter how long you've owned the van - give us a call. Once you've purchased from OHV, you're part of the crew, and we're here to help you out. Our team can quickly and effectively diagnose, and help fix any hiccups should they arise.

Scheduling an appointment for regular service or repair on the parts we’ve installed is also just as easy as an email or phone call.

3. What are the Layout Options? What Options Are Customizable?

Many van builders offer a variety of options and upgrades and Off Highway Van is no exception. We begin by establishing which general layout/floorplan will meet your needs and begin customizing from there. Our floorplans are based three basic criteria: seating and sleeping, an internal shower, and van size.

Customizable Options with Off Highway Van

While all of our vans have a basic floorplan template - we leave room for plenty of customizable options. Our van building experience is one-on-one for personal selection of fabrics, materials, system upgrades, special attachments for different sports, and anything else you can dream up.

Customizing your campervan is easy with Off Highway Van

4. What Adventures Can I Take My Van On, and How Will It Handle Them?

We live the van life, but more importantly, we live the outdoor lifestyle. While this may seem like an obvious observation, it’s worth noting. We’re active outdoor enthusiasts - Hikers, bikers, kayakers, climbers, Moto-riders, skiers, and travelers. It’s likely the far away places you’re planning on taking the van are places we’ve been and experienced too. Our vans are built with these outdoor activities and destinations in mind, as well as the mud, snow, dirt, and sweat that goes along with those pursuits.

The vans we build come from our own van ownership and testing that takes place out in the real world and out on the trail - on and off the highway. Just let us know what fun activities you prefer, and we’ll handle the engineering details. This is the true ethos of Off Highway Van - we build vehicles and products to explore the wilderness.

Ready to Build Your Dream Van?

It's easy to get lost in options and information when starting your van build. Contact the Off Highway Van experts, and we'll help you through the heavy lifting so that you can enjoy the process of customizing your dream van.


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