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The Doc Holliday: Featured in News Atlas

New Atlas feature of Off Highway Van

Seating up to 7 people, the Doc Holliday is one of our most popular builds and is compatible on both the 144 and 170 Sprinters. The family-centered floorplan is great for those wanting to take the whole family out for a weekend, week, or even month-long excursion.

What Makes the Doc Holliday Different?

Built out of the newest AWD Mercedes Sprinters, this model includes a 3 person bench seat, functional kitchen, loads of storage space, and optional features like a sunroof and exterior shower. The Doc Holliday exclusive Rambler Seat folds into a second bed so the entire family can sleep comfortably and the kitchen features an 80L fridge under a sink and induction cooktop.

The van's features are powered by an electrical 12V integrated system with a 2000W inverter and also comes equipped with a 360W solar panel system to supply you with the power you need.

The Doc Holliday is also a great fit for those just looking for something more versatile.

While off-road is no problem, the Doc Holliday can also double as a home office or a cargo vehicle during the workweek. Travel, work, and living can all be combined into one unique space. Whether you are planning a road trip to South America or just want to visit the nearest coastline, the Doc Holliday is a reliable option.

The Doc Holliday has also become very popular recently due to the pandemic. Many adventurers and travel junkies are being forced to explore new ways of vacationing and living. The Doc Holliday is an attractive option because it enables families to safely travel to their favorite places without the stress of airports and the hassle of hotels during these difficult times. There hasn’t been a better time to build and buy your adventure vehicle.

Check out the full article on New Atlas.

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